Newly-opened clinic shines light on misperception about pigmentation and the appropriate laser treatments suitable for each type of pigmentation problem without going through unnecessary risks, wasted time and money.


SINGAPORE – Individuals who are seeking to resolve their pigmentation issues should undergo a proper medical skin consultation to understand the types of pigmentation problems they are suffering from before jumping into treatments that may not yield satisfactory results. Veritas Clinic uses the multiple wavelength combinations over traditional single wavelength laser regimes to target both surface and deep pigmentation with the Fotona® PICO-technology Starwalker.


As pointed out by the founder and Medical Director of Veritas Clinic, Dr. Chua Cheng Yu, “Different lasers target different components of our skin. Each type of pigmentation varies in appearance and usually requires a unique treatment. A wide range of laser ensures optimal solutions for the skin.”


The most common types of pigmentation include freckles, age spots, post-acne pigmentation, birthmarks, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Post-acne pigmentation and birthmarks usually present with deep (dermal) pigmentation, freckles and age spots as surface (epidermal) pigmentation, and conditions like melasma have a combination of both.


“Melasma is very well-known to be a difficult to treat condition. Not only does it have a combination of deep and surface pigmentation, it has a vascular (blood vessel) disease component as well that can be targeted with a vascular wavelength laser. Veritas Clinic has a total of eight unique lasers, with four of them specially used to target the different components of melasma” says Dr. Chua.


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The medical team behind Veritas Clinic understands the personalised approach towards every individual. It is our belief that with a holistic, honest and efficacious approach to medicine and aesthetics, each individual can be empowered to achieve more than just any superficial need. Veritas Clinic combines a dedicated team with latest state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide a premium experience accessible to all. Our products and protocols have been through rigorous testing and validation and promise a quality experience from the first acquaintance.