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What is Punch Excision?

Punch excision is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to remove acne, moles, cysts and other types of facial scars. In this procedure, a small cutting tool is used to pierce the top layer of the skin, in which the target scar, cyst or pore is physically extracted from the skin.

Punch excision is normally done under local anesthesia to minimize or eliminate the pain of the process, as it will literally remove a small volume of skin containing the targeted scar, cyst or pore. After the excision, the doctor will either stitch up the resulting wound in the skin or fill it with a skin graft from another part of your body.


Punch Excision for Acne Scar Removal

Punch excision works by utilizing a punching tool that makes tiny cuts surrounding the acne scar under local anesthesia. The “punched” skin is then excised and the operated region is then stitched closed in order to allow healing.

Punch excision is particularly effective in treating ice pick scars and deep box acne scars. Punch excision is done for each scar, which is surgically removed using the skin punch tool. It is best used for removing narrow and deep pitted scars located in visible and easily accessible locations on the face. The procedure can also be used to straighten and smoothen out scars that have healed in an unusual pattern. It is generally recommended that patients have a defect that is at least 1-millimeter in diameter to get the best results.

Punch excision can also be used for the removal of damaged pores, cysts and other scars on the skin. The procedure is largely the same, involving the use of a skin punch tool to physically remove the volume of skin containing the particular cyst or pore. The skin punch tool used in the procedure comes in several shapes and sizes so as to deliver the best possible results across different situations.


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