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Importance of Building Muscles in Body Contouring

Ever wondered why some people do not look good despite being slim? While a slim body is coveted, it may not look aesthetic if the individual has a ‘skinny fat’ physique, that is, having a body with too little muscle mass relative to body fat. The lack of muscle mass gives off a soft and flabby body appearance.

A healthy-looking body is not just skinny, but rather, one that has the right shape and proportion. Many people are concerned with losing weight (or maintaining a specific weight) but neglect the important component of muscle building to achieve a toned and shapely body. While they may have a normal BMI, there is poor body composition and the figure is rarely ideal from weight loss and cardio alone. It is thus important for skinny individuals to build muscles if they aim to achieve a healthy, slim-toned look.

When it comes to overweight individuals, building muscles in addition to losing weight is also beneficial in helping with weight loss. Individuals with higher muscle mass burn more calories, even at rest. An increase in muscle mass increases the basal metabolic rate and burns 13 calories per day for every 1kg of extra muscle. Building muscle mass is thus effective for not only increasing muscle mass but also for losing fat.

How skinny fat looks like in women - soft and doughy appearance due to low muscle-to-fat-ratio, especially around the waist area.
In men, a skinny fat physique and lack of muscle definition tends to be more obvious.

After the age of 30, muscle mass can deteriorate as much as 3-8% per decade, especially among inactive individuals. The good news is that apart from strength and resistance training, there is a fast and painless way to build muscles and reverse this process of ageing.

TruSculpt Flex is a FDA-cleared muscle-sculpting device that uses Bio-Electrical Muscle Stimulation (BEMS) to send electrical impulses to muscle nerves. This stimulation mimics action initiated by the nervous system, causing muscles to contract. BEMS can strengthen muscles, increase range of motion, and offset the effects of muscle atrophy. It is commonly used for muscle rehabilitation following injury and in sports medicine, where muscle stimulation devices are often used to improve performance when training, warming up or recovering from injury.


How does TruSculpt Flex Treatment Build Muscle?

During traditional strength training, the brain sends signals to the nervous system and motor neurons to contract skeletal muscle. During a TruSculpt Flex treatment, the process skips the brain and instead goes straight to handpieces placed on the body via an electrical signal. This action involuntarily contracts the skeletal muscles under the handpiece, and the entire muscle group is engaged as a result.

Similar to strength training, muscle fibres undergo trauma or microscopic tears during a TruSculpt Flex treatment. Cells then attempt to repair the damage caused, resulting in muscle growth and strength. This repair process, known as hypertrophy, is triggered after each treatment and involves the release of hormones such as testosterone to active cell recovery, repair muscle fibres and form new blood capillaries.

Traditional muscle stimulation devices are limited to stimulating only 1-2 muscle groups at one time in a single linear direction, but TruSculpt Flex+ can stimulate up to 8 muscle groups at the same time and at different intensities.

The TruSculpt Flex+ device is pre-programmed with three different modes that simulate different workouts and mimic twisting, squat and crunch actions:

  • Prep, which creates a twisting motion to warm up, stretch the muscles and build up tolerance to incoming muscle contractions
  • Tone, which contracts muscle, holds them up to the point of exhaustion and then relaxes them to increase muscle strength and enhance muscular endurance
  • Sculpt, where deep sequential contractions of muscle are engaged to build muscle mass and increase metabolic rate

Each mode offers five different contraction sequences to simulate a traditional workout at an accelerated intensity to ensure progressive overload. This simulation constantly challenges the muscles at an intensity and duration that’s higher than regular exercise. For example, a typical abdominal workout may include up to ten minutes of various movements and may include the assistance of other muscle groups. The TruSculpt Flex+, however, allows for selective targeting of muscle groups and motor neurons for 15 minutes. A 15-minute TruSculpt Flex+ treatment is the equivalent of 54,000 crunches.

At Veritas, we use the TruSculpt Flex+, which comes with an enhanced rapid treatment mode that offers the same toning, firming and strengthening results in a fraction of the usual treatment time. Treatment time is reduced significantly, from 45 minutes to just 15 minutes.


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