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What is Ultrasound Bio Treatment?

LDM (local dynamic micro-massage) is a non-invasive skin repair treatment that utilises dual-frequency ultrasound technology to deliver ultrasound waves to skin tissue. These hybrid waves can directly influence cellular activities to promote cell repair, collagen production, tightening of connective tissues, improved hydration and more.

By directly influencing cellular activities, Ultrasound Bio has long-term benefits to strengthen the skin from inside out, resulting in healthier, youthful and more supple skin.

Due to LDM’s ability to directly influence cell activities in a myriad of ways, it is a choice option for several aesthetic and dermatological purposes including:


Aesthetics Dermatological
Wrinkle reduction Acne
Skin tightening (face and body) Eczema
Stretch marks Acne/hypertrophic scars
Anti-aging/Skin rejuvenation Keloids
Cellulite and stretch mark reduction Eczema
Sonophoresis Dermatitis
Pre and post-liposuction Ulcus ruris
Pre and post-facelift

At Veritas, we use the advanced LDM Triple which combines three ultrasonic frequencies simultaneously. Compared to conventional ultrasound waves that is mainly concentrated far below the dermis, the use of three different frequencies can additionally target the superficial layers of the skin. This unique technology allows for greater dynamic pressure distribution in the tissue over several skin layers.


Ultrasound Bio: Cellular Rejuvenation from Inside-Out

The Hybrid ultrasound waves of lDM trigger processes integral to skin recovery through the following three mechanisms:

  • MMP Control 

MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases) contribute to connective tissue metabolic disorders and often result in skin disorders such as acne and eczema. For example, acne-prone skin can contain MMP-1 values 1,000 times higher than that of normal skin. LDM helps suppress these levels, reduce the damage caused by excess MMP and return skin back to its normal state.

  • HSP Activation 

HSPs (heat shock proteins) are the building blocks of collagen production and cell protection. They also defend the skin against extreme temperatures and sun exposure. It is with this HSP activation that LDM patients often enjoy tighter, less wrinkled skin.

  • GAG Increase 

In abundant amounts, GAG (Glycosaminoglycans) increases skin moisture and texture, addressing ageing problems such as fine lines.

"Therapists at Veritas are experienced in the usage of LDM across multiple applications from skin concerns such as eczema and acne to hair transplant. The skill of the operator plays a role in ensuring effective results. While some may simply go with pre-set settings that comes with the machine, our therapists are trained to customise the intensity, frequency, timing, and identify target areas for optimised treatment results based on the patient’s skin concerns and needs."

Medical-Grade Facial Managed by Doctors

Long-Term Benefits to the Skin

Non-Invasive and Comfortable Treatment

Personalised and Suitable for All


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