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SmoothEye Combo Laser

Most people think that eyebags, sagging eyelids or wrinkles can only be treated with surgery or filler injections. They’re usually extremely surprised when they learn that eyebags can be treated very effectively and non-invasively with a laser!

The SmoothEye or Smooth laser pulse is a unique laser that targets the mucosal layers of our face. This layer directly targets the mucosal (inside layer) of the eye tissues, explaining why it can be used to target sagging, wrinkles and eyebags more effectively than other laser treatments. This laser has been a proven treatment for many years, but still remains the only laser in the world developed for this purpose.

"Done properly, SmoothEye produces results from a single session. Patients report an improvement of 30-60% after their 1st session, a substantial improvement for a 30-minute non-invasive treatment."


How SmoothEye Combo Laser Removes Eyebags

Eyebags are caused by the loosening and stretching of ligaments and tissues around the eye area. One such important structure is the periorbital septum. As shown in this image, aging causes laxity in the septum, which results in eyebags.

"Tightening the septum treats root cause of the problem of eyebags effectively. In fact, the traditional way of using surgery for eyebags also aims to tighten this special structure under the eyebag – SmoothEye does this without surgery!"
Eyebag removal with SmoothEye Laser

The results of SmoothEye speak for itself. As an MOH registered clinic, we are not allowed to display before and after pictures publicly. A simple Google search though, will reveal many pictures and accounts of doctors and patients successfully using this treatment all over the world.

The technology behind this eyebag laser is unique and remains the only laser used in this way, even after many years.

If you have done eyebag/saggy eyelid treatments that do not show a visible effect even after multiple treatments, the SmoothEye laser was developed for you in mind.

Have a question on eyebag removal? Drop us an enquiry or schedule a consultation to consult our doctors to explore suitable treatment options.


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