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RESTORE Protocol for Full-Field Skin Resurfacing

RESTORE is a combination laser protocol that uses full-field resurfacing of the skin to remove stubborn acne scars, deep wrinkles. Damaged skin layer is removed and replaced with new skin, achieving complete and total skin renewal. A careful selection of devices such as the FOTONA Erbium:Yag laser (superficial), the Neogen, and the fractional CO2 laser may be included.

"The biggest challenge of full-field resurfacing of the skin is the long recovery time and associated risks that come with poor healing, especially in those with deeper skin tones. By paying close attention to pre-treatment and post-treatment care, the RESTORE protocol can achieve the dramatic results of skin rejuvenation while ensuring that associated risks are minimal."

Conditions Treated by RESTORE

  • Deep and static wrinkles  These are lines that are etched into the skin and do not disappear when we are expressionless – for example, crows feet or frown lines that remain visible when we are no longer smiling or squinting. While dermal fillers and collagen stimulators can often improve the looks of these wrinkles by adding volume to the area, deep static lines often do not improve with injections such as Botox and fillers, or common low-downtime laser treatments.
  • Deep and stubborn acne scars, especially ice-pick scars, that see little improvements with other treatments such as subcision and conventional lasers.
  • Damaged and textured skin with enlarged pores that would benefit from a complete renewal of the superficial skin layer.


Who is Suitable for RESTORE?

RESTORE is only recommended for patients who require the dramatic results of full-field resurfacing as they would only see modest results from other modalities of treatment. The types of skin damage that would benefit from RESTORE include:

  • Deep lines and wrinkles
  • Stubborn scars, especially ice-pick scars
  • Skin texture
  • Enlarged pores

As each area of the face has varying degrees of skin damage, the combination protocol of RESTORE allows it to be tailored to treat the specific concerns on each patient’s face.

Given the considerable healing time and risks, it is important to have a consultation during which the doctor will take into consideration the patient’s ability to prepare and care for their skin before determining their suitability for the RESTORE treatment.


The RESTORE Difference

RESTORE has the ability to completely rejuvenate the skin and show drastic improvements in stubborn wrinkles, scars, sun damage and skin texture. As it also comes with more downtime and risks, the RESTORE protocol includes careful pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions to maximise the results and minimse its associated risks.

The full-field resurfacing lasers in RESTORE allow for complete skin rejuvenation by selectively removing unwanted and damaged dermal layers, such as those around the wrinkles and scars. At the same time, collagen synthesis is induced to restore the skin surface to be fresh and undamaged. When damaged skin is replaced with new skin, it’s like turning back the hands of time. While the new resurfaced skin can begin to age again at the same rate as before, it would be doing so as if it was from an earlier age, with long-lasting results that can be observed for years.

Due to the aggressive nature of RESTORE – it can take 5 years off your appearance in one session – it is important to choose a skilled and experienced doctor who is not only familiar with full-field resurfacing, but also highly skilled in treating Asian skin. This is especially so for Asian skin with more melanin as they are more susceptible to higher risks.


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