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FracPico Combination Laser for Tattoo & Scar Removal

The Fotona FracPICO is a combination of lasers used to remove tattoo pigments and scars.

The non-ablative dual-wavelength Picosecond laser stimulates collagen production without heat.
This is the latest development in Skin Rejuvenation treatments which uses the fractional focused lenses FS50 and FS20 of the Fotona FracPICO to deliver 532nm and 1064nm picosecond laser focused beams to multiple depths of the skin to stimulate collagen production.

It can be used for:

  • Tattoos
  • Scars and pores
  • Wrinkles

While there are several tattoo removal methods such as dermabrasion, excision and cryosurgery, laser tattoo removal poses less risks of scarring or damaging the outer skin layers.


The 2-Step Process of FracPico Laser

These ultra-short picosecond laser beams do not cause heating up of the skin, unlike traditional HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), RF (radio-frequency) treatments or CO2 or Erbium-Yag laser treatments.

Instead, it relies on focusing the photo-acoustic effects of the Picosecond pulse duration into a nano-zone, resulting in an explosive skin reaction that lifts the skin, resurfacing scars and tattoos.

For tattoo removal, the innovative FracPICO treatment creates nano-size holes in the skin over the tattoo area prior to the main laser procedure. This pre-treatment “priming” pass enables steam, gasses and ink particles to more easily escape through the skin during the subsequent full-beam Picolaser pass, thus avoiding the ‘frosting’ effect. This allows for a very short waiting time between multiple passes, which can reduce the typical number of treatment sessions by more than half.

There is minimal skin damage, which means low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and short recovery time.

30 mins treatment with results that last for up to 3 months.

"The FracPICO combination laser advantage is FEWER SESSIONS needed, with FEWER SIDE EFFECTS."

For scars, the bubble lifting effect of Fractional picosecond lasers is rapidly gaining reputation as a new dimension of acne scar treatment.

For tattoos, it is normal to see conventional laser treatments fail to clear tattoos completely. Conventional laser treatments also frequently result in scarring in the tattoo area because of the tattoo by-products trapped and lodged under the skin from incomplete removal.

You are not alone if you experience regret over a tattoo. The good news is that unwanted tattoos do not have to be permanent, and can often be removed safely and thoroughly. Schedule an appointment with our doctors to get learn more.

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