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Fotona V3 Laser

The Fotona V3 laser is a long-pulse laser with dual wavelengths, similar to the Cutera Excel V laser. The 532nm VERDE mode is located at one of the oxyhemoglobin absorption peaks, which makes it an ideal candidate for treating surface vascular lesions (usually fine blood vessels). Deeper vessels like eye veins require a deeper wavelength at the VERSA3 mode. The Fotona V3 laser has both, which give it a significant advantage over other lasers like the Dual Yellow or Pro Yellow, since it can reach both the surface and the deeper vessels.

A wide range of vascular conditions can benefit greatly from the V3 Redness Eraser laser:

  • Spider veins on face and body
  • Port wine stains
  • Redness from active acne
  • Generalised facial redness and rosacea
  • Under eye large veins
  • Deep and large veins


How Fotona V3 Erases Redness

Apart from being at the correct wavelength, these lasers utilize proper pulse durations that ensure proper absorption by redness. Long pulse lasers are needed for hemoglobin absorption – something that short pulse lasers are not able to achieve. There are many gimmicky Gold-Toning or Yellow Light treatments – these are either Q-switched/PICO pulse durations or non-focused beams of light that are completely unsuitable for effective redness treatments.

The dual 532/1064 wavelengths target both deep and surface redness and blood vessels. It is important to understand that long-pulsed 532(green) and 577 (yellow) laser wavelengths are only effective for the surface blood vessels like these:

Deeper or bluish veins like these will require treatment by 1064 or Diode wavelength lasers:

The procedure is usually 20 minutes long, followed by a pampering facial cooling and recovery treatment. Patients may experience some redness (looks like a light blusher) immediately after the treatment which may take a few hours to subside.

"Redness or vascular pigments occur in multiple layers of the skin, just like brown pigments like melasma. Treating the superficial vessels is rarely enough to achieve complete resolution."

The Fotona V3 laser is in the same class as the Excel V laser and safely treats both deep and superficial redness and blood vessels. This achieves what even the Pro Yellow laser cannot do by itself.

This long pulse laser has been proven in clinical studies to be safe with minimal risk of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation on Asian skin types, compared to many other lasers.


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What is the downtime for V3 Redness Eraser laser?

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Is the V3 Redness laser painful?


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