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FRAC3 Hair Removal Laser

The Fotona FRAC3 utilises a proprietary sub millisecond long pulse 1064nm laser to destroy hair follicles. This is an improvement beyond the existing effective long pulse Nd-YAG (VERSA3) with a clinical paper showing improved results and less pain. Read about it here.


The FRAC3 Difference

The FRAC3 laser delivers permanent unwanted hair reduction by injuring the bulb, the bulge and the outer root sheath of the hair follicle.

A typical session of FRAC3 hair removal starts with shaving the desired treatment area, followed by multiple laser beams. Significant hair removal is achieved from the first session.

The laser permanently removes hair from the very first session. However, because different hairs are at different phases of growth at any one time, this procedure still needs repeat sessions to permanently remove all hairs. However, it does so in considerably less sessions than the IPL/SHR takes.

Permanent Results in Fewer Sessions

Safe Treatment Done by Doctors

Suitable for All Skin Types


How many sessions are needed?

Is hair removal laser painful?

Is there any downtime?

How does it compare to other hair removal treatments?


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