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What is Dermalift?

Dermalift is a cosmetic treatment that works to effectively lift the face, leaving it looking natural without a frozen expression. The treatment is specifically formulated to address the symptoms of skin aging and aims to restore the skin to its youthful glow.


How Does Dermalift Work?

Dermalift uses botulinum toxin that is watered down and injected into the layer of the skin. Once done, the treatment promotes the production of new collagen, which results in the firming of the skin. The collagen fibers in the skin are tightened, giving the targeted areas of the face a lifting effect. Facial pores are also firmed up in the process. With Dermalift treatment, sagging facial skin can be lifted and firmed without the need for surgery. Likewise, the treatment will also refine pores and reduce wrinkles.

Is Dermalift similar to BTX?


Dermalift and BTX are different in the sense that each is administered to different parts of the skin. Dermalift is done intra-dermally or within the layer of the skin, while BTX is injected into the facial muscles.

Dermalift targets fine lines on the face by firming the skin and giving a lifting effect to the entire face. BTX, on the other hand, is administered on a specific area of the face where its main goal is to reduce wrinkles by preventing the contraction of the facial muscles that causes the creases on the skin to form.


When can I see the results?

How long is the downtime for Dermalift?

Is the treatment a one-time event?

Are there any risks or side effects?

What do I need to do or avoid after a Dermalift procedure?


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