Teosyal and Restylane Skin Boosters

Our skin is composed of natural elements, like Hyaluronic Acid, to help to keep it looking young. However, as we age the body’s capability to produce hyaluronic acid weakens.

Enter skinboosters. Skinboosters are clinically formulated substances made up of hyaluronic acid. They promote collagen stimulation when injected into the skin and at the same time improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Furthermore, these are the results that the skin can benefit from skinboosters:

  • Firm skin
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Well-hydrated skin
  • Refined pores
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Youthful and glowing skin

Because of these benefits, skinboosters have become a popular treatment among a number of my patients whose goal is to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin.

It is important to note that there are proper methods used in order to get the optimal effects of skinboosters. When used incorrectly, your time, effort and money will only go to waste.

What is Teosyal Redensity 1?

Teosyal Redensity 1 or RD1 skinbooster is the latest treatment to hit the aesthetic market. The research and development of this product is done by the Swiss. Teosyal Redensity 1 boasts of a 14-compound cocktail of vitamins and minerals on top of its hyaluronic acid component. Research claims that this is good for the skin as it enhances collagen stimulation and improves hydration. In addition, it has anti-oxidant properties that help in skin protection.

What is Restylane Vital?

Restylane Vital/Vital light or RV is another brand of skinboosters that has been in the aesthetic industry for a longer period of time. This product is one of the pioneers among skinboosters and is a household name that has contributed in improving facial skin conditions of many. Restylane Vital is basically made up of hyaluronic acid. RV helps in replacing the body’s diminishing natural supply of hyaluronic acid resulting to a rejuvenated skin that is also firm and glowing.

How do I choose the best skinbooster for my face?

Choosing the best skinbooster for the face greatly depends on the goals of a patient. What is it that you want to improve or achieve?

If you want to achieve glowing skin and improve collagen stimulation, Teosyl RD1 is your go-to skinbooster treatment. Teosyal works to keep the skin moisturized once it is injected into the deep layers of the skin. When injected into the surface of the skin, it enables the skin to appear glowing and enhances the production of collagen.

If you want your skin to look supple and well-hydrated, Restylane Vital is the product that I would recommend. Restylane skinbooster is administered to the skin by injecting the solution into the depths of the skin beneath the dermis.

What are the side effects of both Teosyal RD1 and Restylane Vital?

The side effects of both treatments normally happen when they are applied using improper techniques.

Restylane can cause small bumps on the skin that look unsightly when injected mostly on the surface layer of the skin. This can take several months before subsiding. The side effect does not improve the skin’s appearance; hence your skin may look dull. It also fails to promote collagen stimulation.

Teosyal’s downside is its inability to do cross-linking. This side effect results in only temporary hydration.

What is the best solution if I want to achieve all benefits that both Teosyal and Restylane offer?

I recommend getting a combination of both Teosyal and Restylane treatments if you want your skin to get all the skinboosters’ benefits.

What is the ideal method to use when applying skinboosters?

There are two methods that can be used effectively when administering skinboosters. These are:

  • The Injector Gun Method
  • The Freehand Method

I personally learned these methods from experts trained overseas. Of the two, I always use the freehand method and have, over the years, developed my own style in its application. The freehand serial injection method has also been chosen by a group of international experts as the most efficient technique to use for performing skinboosters. It is lauded for its precision and ability to maximize the product during administration. It also has fewer side effects as compared to the injector gun.

The freehand method is also best to use on the delicate and softer areas of the face, like the area located under the eyes. Because I can control and maneuver the needle freely with my hand during application, I am able to avoid big blood vessels underneath the skin that injector guns usually cause injury to.

For a more accurate application of Teosyal, a pen specifically designed for this purpose can be used. Do inquire with your doctor if this is an option you can choose.

How long can the effects of the treatment’s results last?

To achieve long-lasting results, studies conducted by Teosyal’s clinical research suggests that the treatment should be done successively for at least 3 sessions at specified intervals. The results from the consequent Teosyal treatments done in a trial showed that the effects of the results increased after every session.

What do I consider when looking for a clinic to do my skinbooster treatment?

It is vital to know about the skill and experience of the doctor who will perform the skinbooster treatment. As discussed, the doctor’s technique is an essential factor in achieving the best results of skinboosters. Consider going for a doctor who is an expert in administering the treatment using the freehand method. This ensures fewer risks and side effects compared to the injector gun method.

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