What is a syringoma? 

A syringoma is a small benign bump on your skin that is usually skin coloured and develops in small clusters. It is typically found on the upper cheeks and lower eyes and caused by overactive sweat glands. Syringomas are not pimples or milia seeds. 

Types of syringomas 

  • Localised

The most common form of syringoma where the small bumps appear on only one part of your body such as your face

  • Generalised (eruptive syringomas)

The small bumps are found on multiple locations of your body. 

  • Genetic

Syringomas are also associated with Down syndrome and are the result of genetic changes.

  • Inherited

Some syringomas are inherited from your biological parents during conception.

What causes a syringoma to form?

When sweat glands overreact or sweat duct cells in the top layer of skin expand excessively, syringomas (tumours or abnormal tissue growths) can occur. 

There are several environmental and physical factors that can make your sweat glands overwork and overgrow. Some common factors include:

  • Heat
  • Stress
  • Over exercising 
  • A symptom of a medical condition such as diabetes

What are the symptoms of a syringoma?

Syringomas can appear anywhere on your body; however they typically form close to your sweat ducts or on your face. One thing to note is that syringomas are often symmetrical, meaning to say if you have syringomas near your eyes, you will have it on both eyes. 

Common ways to identify a syringoma include:

  • Firm, round bump on your skin (1 – 3mm)
  • Bump is skin coloured, yellow or translucent looking
  • Found in tiny group with similar characteristics of shape, size and colour

Where are syringomas usually found? 

Syringomas are commonly found around your eyes, armpits, chest and groin area. 

Syringoma vs Milia seed: What’s the difference? 

Syringomas and milia seeds may look similar, but they are actually two different skin concerns that require different approaches to treating them. It is common to find a mixture of both syringoma and milia seeds present in the same area as well. Syringomas are present in a deeper dermal layer, which makes them harder to remove as compared to milia seeds, which can be removed easily with laser treatment. 



Milia seeds

Milia seeds
SyringomaMilia Seed
Size1-3mm in diameter1-2mm in diameter
ColourSkin tone, yellow or dark colouredWhite
CausesSweat gland growthsSkin protein keratin
Recommended Treatments
  • Laser Treatment
  • Chemical Peels
  • Manual Extraction
  • Topical Retinoids

With this added challenge of being deeper in the dermal layer, it is recommended to seek professional help to properly remove syringomas effectively without damaging the surrounding skin and leaving behind scarring. 

Syringoma removal in Singapore 

While laser treatment is a popular option used to remove syringomas, many of them are ineffective and most importantly, run the risk of scarring and damaging the surrounding skin. 

At Veritas, syringoma is removed safely and effectively with the use of AGNES RF. AGNES is a radio-frequency treatment which uses micro-insulated needles of varying depths to precisely target inflamed follicles that give rise to syringoma without damaging the skin’s epidermis. 

Other methods of removal such as using the CO2 laser to ablate the syringoma can cause unnecessary damage to the surrounding skin, and will not be able to treat syringoma permanently without targeting follicles. While a popular option, laser removal is not recommended for syringoma removal. 

Syringomas can be completely removed. Our doctors will also advise you on how to prevent new syringomas from forming.

Step 1

Consultation with our doctor who will confirm if the lumps and bumps on your skin are really syringomas. A physical assessment is done to rule out conditions with similar symptoms. 

Step 2

A topical numbing is applied to the treated area to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. 

Step 3

A small electric current is introduced into these bumps via insulated needles. Depending on the size of the syringoma, the procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes. 


Syringomas are often painless and benign (non-cancerous) tumors. In rare cases, some patients will experience pain and itching when they perspire.

Yes, they can be completely and permanently removed.

While there are many factors in syringoma formation, preventive care and risk reduction may help. 

  • Reduce activities that lead to sweat glands productivity
  • Avoid sun and heat
  • Exfoliating products to thoroughly cleanse your skin

The procedure takes 15-30 minutes.

The removal of syringoma using AGNES RF starts at $600 before GST.

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