Sunken/Uneven face contours

Research has shown that smooth facial contours appeal to most people. This is especially true for the feminine face: female Korean stars are well known for their rounded cheeks, full temples and smooth forehead contours. These facial contours tend to sag and sink inward with age- due to loss of fat and collagen.

A sunken forehead can make the brows look heavy and too masculine. Sunken temples make one look too skinny and gaunt. Sunken cheeks give a tired and age appearance. The invention of facial fillers has provided a low downtime and lasting solution for these problems. When placed in the correct layers, the results from these injections can be very long lasting. These effects tend to be shorter lived and can even be dangerous when the wrong technique is used. When correctly done, facial fillers also provide a gentle face lift to overall features.

Facial fillers now have semi-permanent options such as Radiesse or Ellanse. These are fantastic options for those who are already familiar with what results they can get from normal hyaluronic acid fillers and powerful tools in the experienced injector- they can be an extremely cost and time saving option.

Various Evidence Based Options

The Veritas Approach

Facial fillers can virtually be used in any area of the face, from the bony hard areas of the chin and nose, to the delicate areas like the eyelids and lips. Because fillers can be very long lasting (lasting for many years for certain areas), properly done treatments can have long lasting gains, but badly done fillers can also cause long term harm.

Fillers done improperly can result in extreme pain and bruising, disfigurement and lumpiness. Most terrifyingly, treatments gone wrong can result in dire consequences like loss of vision and skin necrosis. It is extremely important to find a trained physician to do your filler treatment.
Fillers are both an intricate science and art:

  • Detailed surgical anatomy understanding will allow a mix of various techniques (sharp needles or blunt cannulas) and various materials to shape the face at each different layer of the face (which is why a mix of different filler types are sometimes required)
  • A keen aesthetic eye will be able to properly balance facial proportions and not just blindly fill a certain area

Make sure your doctor shows you his experience with the treatment you are seeking. Your doctor should also be open and comfortable with discussing possible risks of your treatment and formulate a safe treatment plan for you.

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