Sunken eyes, saggy eyelids and brows

Stretching ligaments, fat pad sagging and bone loss happens with age, causing the tissues around the eye area to droop and look hollow.

Frequent laughing also causes wrinkling, sagging of the upper eyelid and the bulging of the lower eyelid which can exacerbate this aged appearance.

The Veritas Approach

Our eyes are a delicate facial area which deserves the best medical technology and expertise.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine enables us to find the optimal individualized solution to your personal concerns. We are heavy on combination treatment as it is obvious that correcting only one aspect of multifactorial problems do not give optimal results. By doing so, we have and continuously hope to give the best value for the time our patients have set aside for us.

A combination technique gives the best results because injectables and lasers work to target different components of the same problem. The problem can be much more than skin deep – apart from skin laxity: fat atrophy, bone loss and ligamental sagging are all possible contributing factors.

  • different lasers and other energy based devices can be used to reach various layers of the periorbital area, tightening loose skin, fat and ligaments to stimulate collagen in each layer
  • neurotoxins can help to relax tense muscles and help with wrinkle reduction and also an immediate lift
  • other skin injectables can replace hollows immediately and stimulate long term collagen in treated areas

If done properly, results are more natural as well as lasting and this can be a powerful time and cost saving measure. Our team’s commitment to combination treatments also reflect our experience and versatility with various products in the aesthetic field.

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