Stubborn Fat

Many people work out hard and may look well-built and slim. But why can they never get rid of the stubborn fat around their tummy/inner thighs/double chin? This happens frequently – studies have shown that exercise does not promote spot reduction of fat. That means doing a lot of sit-ups will not lead to the reduction of fat specifically over the tummy.

Various Evidence Based Options

The Veritas Method

Holistic treatment is a necessity when it comes to stubborn fat. Medical conditions need to be screened for and ruled out.

Medical devices can be used to treat stubborn fat by permanently removing them. Some people just genetically have more fat over certain areas, like the tummy. This fat is not easily lost even with dieting or exercise. The combination of the right technology can sculpt away the stubborn fat areas more quickly and effectively than the lifestyle approaches.

The extremes of temperatures can selectively affect fat cells in our body resulting in their permanent removal by processes such as apoptosis and permanent necrosis.

Coolsculpting treatments are the gold standard of non-invasive fat removal because they have the highest efficacy per session of treatment, and also a whole suite of patented built in safety features. Many patients are extremely satisfied just after one session of Coolsculpting, even though some may require more sessions.

Warmsculpting treatments like the Ultraformer, RF or Fotona Ultra-long pulsed lasers have the advantage of simultaneous skin tightening while removing fat, also non-invasively. It requires a more hands-on treatment session but results are usually very quickly visible as well.

Bladeless is a patented technique that can accurately remove small pockets of fat effectively (even as small as eyebag areas) without hurting any surrounding structures.

Dieting or exercise is not required to gain results for stubborn fat treatment. However, it is still healthy to eat, sleep and exercise well. Minimising unhealthy habits such as binge drinking, irregular and large meals or even eating late at night will help with a positive mindset to achieve your final goal.

If obesity is a problem, medicines may be needed to control weight gain and treat underlying health conditions. Medical weight loss can also motivate you to develop better diet and lifestyle habits.

By combining a lifestyle approach with medicine and medical device sculpting, we provide the most wholesome weight loss experience.

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