What is this treatment?

Most people think that eyebags, sagging eyelids or wrinkles can only be treated with surgery or filler injections. They’re usually extremely surprised when they learn that eyebags can be treated very effectively and non-invasively with a laser!

The SmoothEye or Smooth laser pulse is a unique laser that targets the mucosal layers of our face. This layer directly targets the mucosal (inside layer) of the eye tissues, explaining why it can be used to target sagging, wrinkles and eyebags more effectively than other laser treatments. This laser has been a proven treatment for many years, but still remains the only laser in the world developed for this purpose.

Done properly, this laser gives results from the first session. Patients report an improvement of 30-60% from a single session, which is very substantial for a 30-minute non-invasive treatment.

Vascular (Red) lesions

Vascular lesions are caused by abnormal or dilated capillaries. They can appear as red spots, or visible threads on the skin. The Pro Yellow laser can readily treat that by shrinking the vessels with its unique wavelength.

  • Facial/nose veins and blood vessels
  • Redness and rosacea
  • Bruising
  • Red marks after acne, otherwise known as Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)
  • Cherry angiomas, Telangiectasia etc. – Some of these can be removed in a single session.

How does it work?

Eyebags are caused by the loosening and stretching of ligaments and tissues around the eye area. One such important structure is the periorbital septum. As shown in this image, aging causes laxity in the septum, which results in eyebags.

Tightening the septum is treating the root cause of the problem, and reverses the eyebags effectively. In fact, the traditional way of using surgery for eyebags also aims to tighten this special structure under the eyebag – SmoothEye does this without surgery!

Why the SmoothEye treatment instead of other lasers/treatments?

The results of SmoothEye speak for itself. As an MOHH registered clinic, we are not allowed to display before and after pictures publicly. A simple Google search though, will reveal many pictures and accounts of doctors and patients successfully using this treatment all over the world.

The technology behind this laser is unique and remains the only laser used in this way, even after many years.

If you have done eye bag/saggy eyelid treatments that do not show a visible effect even after multiple treatments, the SmoothEye was developed for you in mind.


VERITAS is a pioneer clinic in Singapore to use the powerful Fotona Starwalker and also the Fotona SP Dynamis. Our founder is currently the only Singaporean LAHA international expert lecturer, and has given talks to local and international doctors on various skin conditions, contributing actively to international clinical publications. Our team of doctors have lectured at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) as well as the National Surgical ATLS team.

VERITAS Medical is frequently used as a local and international training centre for various laser, medical devices and also injectable filler/botox/threadlift procedures. Our team of doctors specialise in laser and skin treatments with full accreditation by the Singapore Medical Council. Our various post-graduate qualifications in MRCS (Membership of Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) and GDFM (Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine) reflect the expertise of our doctors and our commitment to our patients’ safety and results. This medical expertise ensures the treatments offered in the clinic are firmly grounded on solid science.

Aesthetic medicine is more than a precise science, it is also an intricate art. As avid photographers and musicians, our doctors try to balance the science with the art with every patient that we see, and bring out the best in each individual. In fact, the clinic is decorated to reflect our artistic hobbies, with portrait photographs that show individuals at the pinnacle of their craft. These large photographs ultimately portray that our core business is about the craft and also about each individual human being. We have been on many media features such as HerWorld, Prestige, NuYou and etc, as well as contributing regularly to medical sites like DoctorXDentist and HealthAscent.


Patients report up to a 60% improvement from a single short session – an impressive result for a laser treatment which is non-invasive and much more affordable than surgery.

Being a laser treatment, it can be used in combination with other technologies to best tackle other eyelid concerns and also the different aspects of the eyebags. For example, excessive eyebag fat may benefit from HIFU or Bladeless eyebag treatments, whereas loose skin may be best tackled by resurfacing ablative lasers like the CO2 or ErbiumYag choices.

The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the problem and how you are responding to the treatment. We individualize our approach in every case to ensure that we address your specific needs. This is why we encourage you to come in for a personal consultation so that you can be evaluated extensively. Only then can we give you an estimate of the number of sessions needed.

The treatment is very tolerable with only a mild heat-like discomfort.

Yes, the results of this combination treatment are long-lasting. We may not be able to control the progression of aging, but the treatment can improve the appearance of your perioribital area even as you age. You can always come back for touch-up treatments if you wish to maintain the results.

This combination laser has no downtime. There may be a mild swelling and darkening of the treatment area that clears up within the day. The slight darkening shows the absorption of the laser energy needed to tighten the skin and eyebags.

As far as the laser treatments go, there have been no reported side effects.

As the most delicate area of the face, the skin around the eye deserves the best treatment. You will be in a good position to achieve superior results when the treatment is backed by a strong knowledge of the physiologic changes involved, as well as their corresponding treatments. We emphasise the importance of having a meticulous eye for detail on how best to address the problem through a multifactorial approach, in which our team of doctors have extensive experience.

We use a combination treatment because of the obvious fact that correcting only one aspect does not produce optimal results. In so doing, we continue to provide the best value for the time that our patients set aside for us.

The total cost may vary for each patient because this will depend on the severity of each patient’s condition and the area affected. Please bear in mind that we customize our approach for each patient, which means that the components of your combination treatment may not necessarily be the same as the next person’s treatment. We suggest that you come in for a personal consultation so that our doctors can thoroughly assess your condition and map out a specific treatment plan and its corresponding quotation.

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