Small or dimpled chin

Another distinctly Asian concern is having a retruded chin. With the nose and chin being such prominent features of our faces, we understand the need for these procedures to be convincingly useful and yet naturally subtle. We strongly believe in these natural and yet convincing treatments and we have many before and after pictures in the clinic to show for these procedures which could help you understand better.

A weak chin can alter the balance of our facial features and make one appear unsophisticated and simple. For those who are a little chubby, it can make their faces appear short and wide or even reveal a double chin appearance. A proportionately sharp and strong chin is attractive, powerful and confident.

Frequently, an asymmetrical chin can make your features look lopsided. Tight chin muscles can make the chin appear even shorter and dimpled, worsening the overall appearance.

Reshaping the chin is extremely satisfying as it not only defines the chin, but can make the face and jawline look slimmer and more confident. Chin reshaping can usually be done with minimal downtime and immediate, lasting results.

The Veritas Method

Chin fillers can help to contour uneven or deficient bony contours on the chin and jawline. Neurotoxins help to relax unwanted muscle tension in this area. Chin reshaping is best done while preserving a smooth silhouette of the jawline with no disruption or any “jutting-out appearance”. This is best achieved with sharp needles in some areas, but also with blunt cannulas in other parts of the chin. A combination of both techniques may sometimes be required.

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