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Pigmentation is often cause by sun damage, acne and scars, as well as hormones. Freckles, lentigines (sun spots), melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) are some of the more common pigmentation problems that many would face.

Q-switched laser

Fotona’s Starwalker is an ultra-performance Q-switched laser machine that has 4 complementary wavelengths and more than 10 laser modalities built into the system, making it a versatile device that can perform a wide range of applications to address several aesthetic concerns. Dr Chua is trained and certified to operate devices like this one on patients.


This treatment is safe and minimally invasive with little downtime. It is gentle and gives patients great comfort and satisfaction. It is capable of performing a wide range of procedure modes to help with the following concerns:

Pigmentation LesionsHaemangiomasFreckles
Vascular LesionsPhotodamaged skinAcne scars & active acne
MelasmaSpider anguinasUnwanted hair
WrinklesSeborrheic KeratosisEnlarged pores
Solar Lentigenes (Sun spots)BirthmarkTattoos

Overall, this treatment also helps decrease oil secretion, shrink pores and brightens the skin.





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How does it work in addressing pigmented lesions?

Although remarkably common, an overwhelming majority of pigmented lesions are benign. It is widely recognized in the medical community that a Q-switched laser is the ideal tool for effectively removing benign pigmented lesions. However, the StarWalker is an appropriate treatment for a wide range of pigmented lesions from moles, vascular lesions, ephelides, sunspots, and melasma.

How is it effective in addressing vascular problems on the skin?

StarWalker comes with an enhanced ability to administer vascular treatments. Handpieces come in different wavelengths and modes for targeting superficial vascular treatments or deeper and larger vessels. StarWalker’s VERSA3, FRAC3, and VERDE modalities provide effective tools for removing many types of vascular lesions.

How does it work in treating vascular lesions?

The energy from the laser is absorbed by the blood in the vein, converted into heat, and the vein walls are subsequently destroyed. Compared to other wavelengths, which mainly affects the surface layers of a lesion, this treatment also targets the underlying vascular feeding system – a necessary detail that ensures long-term efficacy. This process is safe because other healthy veins supply blood to the treated area and the body’s immune system clears away the dead tissue.

How is it able to provide a broad range of treatments?

It is the StarWalker’s full beam and fractional handpiece technology which enables the doctor to provide advanced solutions that can target a broad range of treatments. This third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes with their groundbreaking ASP (Adaptive Structured Pulse) technology.

Is the treatment safe?

The homogeneity of its laser beam profile ensures safety during treatment, since the laser is evenly distributed across the treated areas. Epidermal damage is minimized and the risks of bleeding, tissue splatter and transient textural changes in the skin are decreased.

Can it be used on different skin types?

Yes, this laser treatment is indicated for all skin types, from Fitzpatrick I-VI, including tanned skin.

Is the treatment painful?

With the ultra-performance MaQX mode treatments, patient safety and comfort is further enhanced. It allows the doctor to select the softness levels of the treatment. Even when a higher softness level is selected, StarWalker’s ASP technology ensures that the generated acoustic energy is released at an acceptable acoustic power, resulting in a “softer” and less invasive effect on the tissue.

The laser will feel like many small taps on the skin and is generally very tolerable. We use Zimmer air cooler technology to maximise comfort.

Are there any side effects?

The treatment does not come with any side effects because its wide range of wavelengths remains within safe levels. It provides precise treatment that is strong enough to address the problem, but spares the healthy tissues surrounding it.

How many sessions does it take to address the problem?

Each unique patient and condition requires a different treatment protocol. This will depend on the area that needs to be covered, the type of skin issue, and the severity of the problem. A consultation is necessary so that you can be extensively evaluated and you can receive appropriate treatment.

Results are typically seen after the first session but it can take 3-6 sessions to produce optimal results.

Does this treatment have a downtime?

Due to the minimally invasive nature of the treatments, you can expect only minimal to no downtime. This will depend on your skin type and will allow immediate make-up use and return to normal activities.

What does the treatment feel like?

You will feel short bursts of energy within seconds. The impact of that painless contact already shatters tiny skin targets without injury to the surrounding skin.

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