What is it?

The Silhouette Soft and PDO Threadlift treatment is a facial lifting procedure that is minimally invasive and uses threads to tighten sagging tissues and improve the face’s contour. The result of this procedure is the same natural-looking facelift that surgeries offer.

Silhouette Soft and PDO threads are the latest kinds of threads used in facial threadlift procedures. These have been developed as threads that have been used in the past failed to effectively lift drooping skin and hold the tissue in place. Older threads also had the tendency to extrude and injure the skin due to the primitive barbs that the threads are composed of.

Both Silhouette Soft and PDO threads work to promote collagen production in the skin resulting in successful skin firming and lifting. Silhouette Soft threads are known as suspension threads, while the PDO threads are known as beauty threads.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

The treatment has several benefits:

  • Effective skin firming and lifting without undergoing surgery
  • Low downtime
  • Results are immediately noticeable after the treatment
  • Results look natural and can be enjoyed long-term
  • Treatment is done quickly, otherwise known as a “lunchtime procedure”
  • The procedure is minimally invasive
  • The procedure uses body-soluble threads


There are two kinds of threads used in this face threadlift procedure. These are the PDO threads and the Silhouette Soft Threads.

The Polydioxanone thread (PDO) is a type of thread that is biologically compatible with the human body. It is safe and has a long track record of effective usage in medical surgeries. This type of thread eventually gets absorbed by the body over a span of 6 to 12 months. PDO threads come in two types: the fine thread monofilaments and the barbed 3D threads. The barbed or cogged threads are generally used in aesthetic procedures as this type of thread is able to bind the skin in a secure and gentle manner.

The Silhouette Soft Thread is composed of glycolic and polylactic acids. These polymers are used widely in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. This type of thread works by promoting collagen production resulting in supple and younger-looking skin. Similar to PDO threads, the Silhouette Soft Thread is body-soluble. The threads are absorbed by the body within 9 to 12 months.

The procedure works in two ways. Initially, the skin’s immediate lifting is noticeable. Next, the Silhouette Soft Thread activates and continues to develop the skin by stimulating collagen growth. Gradually, the skin regenerates and starts looking natural and young.

Yes, the procedure is safe. The threads used are highly compatible for body use.

A highly skilled doctor performs the procedure starting with the application of the local anaesthetic covering the area for treatment. Using a needle, the Silhouette Soft Thread is then inserted in the skin, underneath the subcutaneous layer of fat. Once in place, the treated area is then molded by the doctor by gently applying minimal force on the surface. The effect of this action is the immediate lifting of the skin.

This threadlift procedure is considered as a “lunchtime treatment” and can be completed in one hour or less.

There is no downtime required for this kind of threadlift procedure.

Patients can expect to see immediate results after a procedure. Bruising and swelling are common occurrences following a threadlift treatment, but these are only temporary. The overall result is more noticeable after the treated area has recovered fully. There is no need to worry about scars as the procedure is minimally invasive and normally leaves no trace as the body heals naturally.

There are no major risks involved in the procedure given that it is performed in a clean environment using well-sanitized medical paraphernalia.

Minor skin discoloration on the treated area, bruising, and swelling can be expected as side effects of the procedure. However, these eventually subside after a few days.

A local anaesthetic is used to ease discomfort during the treatment, therefore ensuring a procedure that leaves no pain.

Yes, procedures using dermal fillers, Botox, and Radiofrequency can be combined together with both PDO and Silhouette Soft threads.

Results for a non-surgical threadlift include obvious lifting effect and for drooping skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and deep folds following a procedure. Improvement continues even after the procedure as the threads stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. The production of fresh collagen results in better skin elasticity, volume and glow.

Effects normally last approximately from 18 to a maximum of 24 months. Several factors contribute to the longevity of a non-surgical threadlift’s results like facial contortion patterns, age, and personal lifestyle. Optimum results will be visible around 6 to 9 months following the treatment as improvements continue to develop with the skin’s production of new collagen.

The cost of a threadlift procedure at Veritas Medical Aesthetics depends on the number of PDO threads needed for the procedure, while the Soft Silhouette threads are priced in pairs. It is best to get a consultation first in order to determine the number of threads required for the treatment as different target areas of the face and neck may need different numbers of threads. For example, the neck may only need 6 to 12 threads for a complete procedure, whereas the face may entail 12 to 20 threads.

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