As we age, we lose collagen, elastin and natural skin hydration. This gives rise to changes in our facial features, including the sagging of our eyelids.

What are saggy eyelids?

Saggy eyelids refer to the sinking in of the eyelids. They are most visible around the upper and lower eyelids, causing an individual to frequently look tired and listless.

For some, saggy eyelids may not be a cause for concern as they can be inherited. Frequent laughing can also cause wrinkling, exacerbating saggy eyelids and an aged appearance.

What are the causes of saggy eyelids?

  • Age
    Age is the primary reason for saggy eyelids. As the skin around the eyelids are the thinnest, constant movement such as blinking can cause eyelids to sag with time, especially with the loss of collagen the older we get.
  • Loss of fat
    Fatty tissue deposits in the upper and lower eyelids exist to cushion the structure of the eyes. Loss of this fat can result in excess skin as time passes, giving the appearance of saggy eyelids and more fatigued look.
  • Sunlight
    Constant exposure to sunlight can also cause the skin around the eyelids to stretch. Over time, the appearance of saggy eyelids becomes more prominent.

Are saggy eyelids and droopy eyelids (ptosis) the same?

Saggy eyelids are often confused with droopy eyelids (ptosis) but they are not the same.

Unlike saggy eyelids, which are caused by a loss of collagen in the eyelid area, droopy eyelids are a medical condition caused by damage to the nerve that controls the eyelid muscles.

Droopy eyelids can be considered a serious condition – ignoring them for a prolonged period of time can limit or completely block a person’s normal vision. For the most part, ptosis must be treated with surgery.

Various Evidence-based Methods

Saggy eyelids can be treated non-invasively without the need for surgery. At Veritas, we use the following treatments and have found them to produce stellar results for patients:

The Veritas Approach

Our eyes are a delicate facial area which deserves the best medical technology and expertise.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine enable us to find the optimal individualised solution to your personal concerns. We are heavy on combination treatment as correcting only one aspect of a multifactorial problem does not produce optimal results. By doing so, we have and continuously hope to give the best value for the time our patients have set aside for us.

A combination of techniques gives the best results because injectables and lasers work in targeting different components of the same problem. The problem can be more than skin deep – apart from skin laxity: fat atrophy, bone loss and ligamental sagging are all possible contributing factors.

  • Different lasers and other energy-based devices can be used to reach various layers of the periorbital area, tightening loose skin, fat and ligaments to stimulate collagen in each layer
  • Neurotoxins can help to relax tense muscles and help with wrinkle reduction and also an immediate lift
  • Other skin injectables can replace hollows immediately and stimulate long-term collagen in treated areas

When done properly, results are more natural and long-lasting, making this a powerful time- and cost-saving measure. Our team’s commitment to combination treatments also reflects our experience and versatility with various products and procedures in the field of aesthetics.


There are simple home remedies that can be done in order to improve the appearance of saggy eyelids. However, this is usually something done over a longer period of time in order to see results of improvement. A combination of injectables and lasers will give faster and longer-lasting results.

A non-surgical option includes injecting the problem area with fillers in order to regain structure. More severe cases of saggy eyelids may require surgery to remove excess skin in order to achieve your desired results.

Saggy eyelid treatment can be long-lasting but it may not be the case for everyone. Depending on the type of procedure done by your doctor, some desired results may require repeated treatments and others only done once.

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