What is it?

Struggle with losing fat despite your best efforts?

ReduStim is a clinically recognised medical device that uses pressure therapy and low-frequency BioEnergetic fields to eliminate excess abdominal fat. It is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that aims to reduce health risks that comes with excess body fat by targeting dangerous visceral and subcutaneous fat surrounding important organs of the body. ReduStim also activates the lymphatic drainage system to flush out toxins and water retention from the body.

The World Health Organisation considers females with a waist circumference of over 88cm and males with a waist circumference of over 102cm to be at risk of visceral obesity.

High levels of visceral fat are commonly linked to health conditions such as:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Stroke
  • Heart attacks
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Raised blood pressure
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How does it work?

ReduStim is based on BioStimology, a unique patented technology that uses low-frequency alternating BioMagnetic fields to stimulate muscle contractions. It oscillates from 0 to 4 Gauss and opens and releases calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, a membrane-bound structure in our muscle cells. This action triggers muscle contractions, which induces energy consumption and results in natural lipolysis — a breakdown of fat cells and fatty acid metabolism in visceral and subcutaneous fat. Studied clinically for over 20 years, ReduStim is safe and does not cause any side effects on the body.

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What is the Redustim difference?

  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • The only medical weight loss device that can reduce visceral fat with no effects on the metabolism
  • Respects the body’s natural biological process
  • Recognised and used by healthcare professionals all around the world including nutritionists, aesthetic physicians, cardiologists and physiotherapists
  • Lowers risk of health conditions associated with high levels of visceral fat
  • Average loss of 6cm in waist circumference

Visceral fat is abdominal fat that surrounds one’s vital organs deep inside the body. You can have a flat tummy but still hold a high amount of visceral fat. While visceral fat can be reduced with regular physical activity and a healthier diet, it is not that simple due to factors like genetics. ReduStim is a safe and fast alternative to reduce your waistline and lose fat.

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A minimum of 12 sessions carried over two to six weeks for 30 minutes each is recommended. For best results, a minimum of 2 sessions a week is ideal.

After the initial treatment phase, it is up to the patient to continue supplementary sessions to maintain results. About 1 or 2 maintenance sessions a month is recommended.

During an regular ReduStim session, around 650 Kcal is burnt per 30 minutes.

ReduStim treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to get rid of excess abdominal fat to reduce their risk of associated health conditions.

However, it is not suitable for pregnant women, pacemaker carriers, patients suffering from skin conditions or other serious illnesses. We advise seeking approval from your doctor.

Patients lie on a table fully clothed and wear on a special suit connected to a device. The treatment is static, meaning the patient is not required to move or do anything. During the treatment, the device emits electromagnetic energy to target subcutaneous and visceral fat and trim the waistline.

To be as comfortable as possible, please bring along a pair of leggings (fully covered or with socks) and a long-sleeved top.

Apart from reducing body fat, ReduStim can also help with:

  • Improving lymphatic drainage and the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body
  • Improving fertility as excess visceral fat can affect hormones and affect chances of conceiving
  • Lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and liver problems

One treatment session will take 45 minutes. It is painless with no downtime and patients can resume their daily activities after. However, patients should not consume carbohydrates or sugar food 4-6 hours post treatment as the BioMagnetic energy is working to burn targeted fat. Patients are also advised to avoid carbohydrates 1-2 hours before treatment.

Redustim targets visceral fat at the abdomen, outer thighs, knees and calves.

ReduStim is a safe medical device that comes with a CE certification. This indicates that the product complies with stringent EU product safety directives.

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