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Elogio Asia Interview – Rosacea

Struggling with rosacea? Here’s proof that Dr. Chua can help — Elogia Asia, a distributor of medical aesthetic devices, interviewed a patient of Dr Chua who successfully underwent rosacea treatment. Lee Ling suffers from rosacea and has tried several topical ointments and medications over the years to no avail. She also struggles with pigmentation on her nose and cheeks.

Using the 577nm wavelength yellow laser, Dr. Chua managed to clear up Lee Ling’s facial redness after a few sessions — take a look at how bright and clear her complexion is! In this video, Dr Chua further explains the types of rosacea, common misconceptions of rosacea and how he uses the 577nm wavelength yellow laser to effectively treat this tricky skin condition.

Watch the full interview below!



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Dr Chua Cheng Yu

  • 10+ years of medical experience
  • 10,000+ cases of aesthetic treatments
  • Known for his unique treatment protocols from years of experience
  • Speaker and Trainer at American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Regional Trainer for Ultraformer 3 HIFU, ProYellow Laser, Ellansé, AGNES RF & more
  • The only official trainer for Fotona Lasers in Singapore
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