What is Nucleofill?

Nucleofill is a polynucleotide-based injectable gel specifically designed for skin rejuvenation and protection. Its high levels of viscosity allow for long lasting healing of wounds and deep skin repair.

Like Rejuran Healer, Nucleofill also contains polynucleotides derived from salmon DNA. However, Nucleofill has a higher concentration of PN and is hence very suitable for those with damaged skin, pigmentation and scarring. 

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Nucleofill is prized for: 

  • Regeneration of skin
  • Increasing circulation of cells and removing free radicals, promoting a cleansing effect 
  • Deep moisturising effect
  • Contouring and firming skin 
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How is Nucelofill different from Rejuran Healer?

While both the Italian-made Nucleofill and Korean-made Rejuran Healer contain the same substance—polynucleotides derived from Salmon DNA— the newcomer Nucleofill has the following improvements:

  • Nucleofill (Strong) has a higher concentration of 2.5% compared to Rejuran Healer which has a concentration of 2%. With that said, 1 syringe of Nucleofill (Strong) is 1.5ml while 1 syringe of Rejuran Healer is 2ml. 
  • Nucleofill only requires 5 injection points using the BAP technique, while Rejuran Healer commonly requires a beehive style of injection that has around 100 injection points. While it is also possible to inject Rejuran Healer with the same technique, Nucleofill has better spreadability in the skin which achieves better results with the 5-BAP technique. Nucleofill has a higher PH value than Rejuran. The lower acidity level eases any discomfort during the injection process. 

How does Nucleofill work?

Nucleofill achieves biostimulation of the  skin in three ways: 

  • Moisturising effect

Nucleofill contains high molecular weight polynucleotide chains, meaning it is capable of retaining a considerable amount of water molecules. As such, Nucleofill has intense hydrating properties, which is key for anyone looking for younger, refreshed skin. 

  • Free radical scavenging effect 

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage your skin cells. Nucleofill’s polymeric chemical structure blocks free radicals and act as immediate “scavengers” against free radicals. 

  • Biostimulating effect 

Nucleofill contains biostimulation properties and increases the production of Type 1 Collagen. This stimulation is slow and continuous, and is what gives patients a long-lasting tissue lift. 

For those who have a lower pain threshold, the lower acidity level of Nucleofill in combination with the significantly fewer injection points can make a world of difference in comfort level between Rejuran and Nucleofill. 

What skin concerns can Nucleofill treat?

  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Strengthens sensitive and stressed out skin
  • Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • Hydrates and repairs dry and damaged skin
  • Improves the appearance of pigmentation
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The Veritas Difference 

Everyone’s face ages differently. We recommend Nucleofill for patients looking to rejuvenate their skin due to uneven skin texture caused by acne scars or early signs of ageing. Our doctors provide customised protocols for patients who may experience facial ageing more severely in some parts of the face, and may combine other skinbooster injectable treatments to target the different concerns of the face, maximising results. 

As the pioneer of the LDM Ultrasound technology in Singapore, Dr Chua often combines LDM ultrasound treatment with skinbooster injections to optimise the results of the skinbooster and minimise any downtime. This helps our patients to get the most out of their skinbooster.


For a start, it is recommended to go for 2 treatments every 2 – 4 weeks. Your doctor will be able to best recommend the frequency of treatments according to your skin condition.

Depending on your skin condition and areas of concerns, patients typically need 5 points of injection for one side of the face. The subcision method can also be used with Nucleofill, and the injection points will be customised and targeted at the areas of concern with depressed scars.

Nucleofill is meant to be a long lasting treatment upon consistent treatment sessions. Results can be seen from the first session, and long-lasting biostimulation effects are achieved after the initial phase of 2-3 sessions at 1 month apart.

Mild bruising may occur and swelling at the injection site is normal. The swelling will go down after 24 – 48 hours.

Nucleofill starts from $1,000 for 1.5ml before GST.

While Nucleofill is suitable for anyone regardless of age and skin type, it will be especially useful for those with sensitive and damaged skin.

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