Aesthetically speaking, a lot of people in Singapore prefer noses that are slender and well-defined from nose bridge to tip. Unfortunately, this is not what some people are born with. A flat nose bridge and a wider nose tip is a common sight among Asians, especially Southeast Asians. However, it is now possible to achieve a defined nose bridge through a non surgical way with Hiko nose thread lift.

This is good news for those in Singapore who want to improve their noses, but are hesitant to go under the knife. Aside from a rhinoplasty or “nose job”, people can now achieve a high nose bridge and pointed nose tip through a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure known as the nose thread lift or Hiko nose thread lift from Korea.


Hiko nose thread lift is a non surgical procedure in Singapore that uses Polydioxanone (PDO) threads that work to enhance certain parts of the nose to which they are inserted into, such as the nose bridge and tip. PDO has been used in surgical sutures for many years. The results of a nose thread lift are similar to a surgical rhinoplasty, however, the threads used are absorbed and dissolved by the body over time, leading to a tightening effect to enhance nose contours.

A Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore will result in a patient gaining a:

  • Higher nose bridge without opting for surgical rhinoplasty
  • More natural-looking nose
  • Sharper nose tip
  • Better defined nose contour


An initial consultation is done with the doctor to discuss the results that the patient expects to see on his/her nose top and nose bridge. During this time, the doctor assesses the patient’s needs and determines the number of threads required to achieve optimal results. Once this is set in place, the procedure begins with a thorough cleansing of the areas of the nose where the threads are to be inserted.

After this, local anesthesia is injected on the nose tip to numb the area. The PDO threads are then injected into the nose using blunt cannulas. These threads will do a variety of lifting, sculpting, and contouring which will alter the shape of your nose and improve visual aesthetics of your nose bridge and nose tip.

A Nose threadlift takes around 30 minutes to fully complete. You will not feel any pain or major discomfort throughout the nose threadlift procedure due to the application of local anesthesia.

In general, around 8-20 threads are used for lifting the nose bridge and 2-10 threads are used to lift the nose tip area.



Nose threadlift are not associated with any major negative side effects and are generally considered to be a safe non surgical procedure. Polydioxanone PDO thread is commonly used as material for surgical thread for sutures and is unlikely to be rejected by the body. There are a few risks involved with getting a nose threadlift, such as potential bruising, discomfort, swelling around the areas and thread extrusion.

After the nose thread lift procedure in Singapore, there will be some swelling which will last for a few hours. There will be bruise marks on some of the insertion sites on the nose which will disappear over the next few days.

Nose thread lift will give you immediate results, with the nose bridge and nose tip being lifted and sculpted more aesthetically. The effects are semi-permanent and will last for around 12-18 months, until the PDO threads are naturally absorbed by the body.

Nose filler also gives results of a sharper nose tip and nose bridge. The procedure involves injecting nose filler along the nose or from the tip of the nose with a blunt cannula. A Hiko nose thread lift procedure is also done similarly but with multiple PDO threads. Results are the same.

Nose fillers take about 15-30 minutes, nose thread lift takes about 30-45 minutes.

Nose fillers are reversible but a nose thread lift is not.

Nose fillers may correct a “nasal hump” of the nose bridge better than nose thread lift.

Nose fillers results last for about 6-18 months, while nose thread lift results last for about 1-2 years.

A Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore costs from $600-$1800, depending on the number of threads used. Nose fillers are charged by syringe, which amount from $600-$1200.

Complete your medications as prescribed by your doctor after your Hiko nose thread lift. It is also best to avoid alcohol and supplements after Hiko nose thread lift as this may worsen bruising. You can wear make up after Hiko nose thread lift, just not over the entry point.

Both nose fillers and Hiko nose thread lift are excellent ways to improve the look of the nose. If you have a very flat nose bridge with a bump, nose thread lift can lift the nose bridge and nose fillers can smooth out the dorsal hump.

A nose thread lift is unable to correct a crooked nose. A septoplasty and/or rhinoplasty is required instead.

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