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What are Medi-Facials and how does it differ from Salon Facials?

Salon facials are no stranger to most people, with many considering regular facials an important part of a comprehensive skincare routine. However, did you know that there exist several key differences between salon facials and those offered at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics?

How is a medical facial different and which should you opt for? Here are some key differences to know:

1. Targeted Skin Concerns

Facials at beauty salons and spas commonly include scents, essential oils, accompanied with steaming, extraction and upper body massages designed to make one feel pampered and relaxed. These facials produce superficial effects on the epidermis layer of the skin and is ideal for general skin maintenance, if only superficial cleansing or exfoliation is required.

In contrast, medical facials are performed with medical-grade devices that can penetrate beyond the epidermis and rejuvenate the skin on a deeper level. The process usually begins with a comprehensive skin analysis with a doctor to come up with a customized treatment plan for addressing more complex conditions such as scarring, skin sensitivity and pigmentation. Sometimes, medi-facials may be combined with a professional skincare regime prescribed by the doctor for optimal results.

Here are some of the medical grade facials at Veritas Medical Aesthetics:

LDM Ultrasound Facial

LDM Ultrasound is a medical grade facial designed to target underlying skin concerns and improve skin health. The patented German technology combines ultrasound waves of different frequencies to modulate skin metabolism, tissue hydration and collagen production. Compared to conventional ultrasound waves that is mainly concentrated far below the dermis, the use of three different frequencies effectively targets different layers of the skin, repairing the skin from inside out.

Due to LDM’s ability to stimulate cell regeneration and influence the skin at a cellular level, it is a choice option for various aesthetic and dermatological purposes including skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne, and eczema.

Instead of preset settings or cookie-cutter treatment modes, Veritas believes in a personalised approach to deliver targeted solutions. Therapists at Veritas are trained in customising settings across multiple applications based on the patient’s skin concerns and needs.

HydroBio is a multi-step medical grade facial designed for individuals with clogged pores, congested skin and uneven skin tone. Think of it as a combination of hydradermabrasion and a chemical peel. During treatment, a suction device creates a vortex that dislodges blackheads, excess sebum, and remove dead skin cells with ease. Simultaneously, a cocktail of antioxidant and peptide solution is delivered uniformly to the skin for hydration and rejuvenation. The treatment is finished with LDM ultrasound to aid cell regeneration. Unlike some spa facials where aggressive exfoliation and extraction techniques can damage the surrounding skin and disrupt the natural skin barrier, HydroBio achieves the effects of deep cleansing to remove impurities painlessly yet effectively.

Rejuran, a popular skin treatment hailing from South Korea, harnesses the power of PDRN as its cornerstone ingredient. Derived from wild salmon DNA, PDRN boasts numerous skin benefits such as collagen stimulation, promoting skin regeneration and strengthening the skin barrier. When injected, Rejuran activates fibroblasts in the skin, which in turn induces the natural production of collagen and elastin. Traditionally, Rejuran has to be injected into the dermis skin layer where the fibroblasts are located, for it to be effective. With the innovative needleless technology, however, painless and non-invasive delivery of Rejuran to the dermis is made possible.

During Needleless Rejuran treatment, a penetration technology is used to open micro water channels on the epidermis to deliver nutrients to the dermis layer through the water channels. This process is comfortable and does not cause bleeding or the post-treatment skin-bumps that comes with the Rejuran injection.

Beyond its PDRN component, Needleless Rejuran’s dual action formulation is enriched with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for skin hydration, glutathione for skin brightening and tranexamic acid to improve pigmentation.

2. Potency of Products Used

Certain devices, protocols and ingredients are only allowed in clinical settings. Medical grade ingredients used in medi-facials, for example, are often more potent and include active ingredients containing stronger concentrations with better skin permeability. As such, medical grade facials, which allows access to medical grade equipment and ingredients are able to deliver longer-lasting results,

3. Service Provider

Facials in beauty spas and salons are typically conducted by beauticians. In contrast, medi-facials in Singapore are handled by medically-trained aestheticians who work alongside doctors to facilitate treatment plans in a strictly regulated environment, to uphold high levels of patient safety.

Meticulous follow-ups with patients and monitoring of skin condition are also integral components of medi-facials as this enables precise tailoring of subsequent interventions to meet individualized needs.

Are Medical Grade Facials Worth it?

If you are looking to improve your skin health and treat targeted concerns, medi-facials would provide better access to medical-grade ingredients, protocols and specialized care that your skin needs. For those who are looking for general skin cleansing and relaxation, salon and spa facials is a good option that is more affordable.

Still confused about the type of facial that is right for you? Get in touch with us for a consultation.


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