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Laser Bust Lifts – The Boob Job of the Future?

Ladies struggle with issues relating to their bust from time to time. Some might experience pubertal bust tenderness, others encounter engorgement during lactation, while a minority may develop lumps in the area. Fortunately, these are not conditions that every woman goes through. What most ladies do experience, though, will be busts which have lost their firmness at some point.

As much as bust sagging is not harmful to health, it may deal a blow to one’s image and self-confidence. The desire for youthful and uplifted bosom is evident from statistics, which reveal that in the USA, 299,715 breast augmentation surgeries were done in 2019, holding the crown since 2006 as the #1 most performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the country(1). Surgical mastopexy procedures, also known as a surgical breast lift, has seen a staggering 114% increase since 2000.

Still, these figures do not represent most ladies, as a large percentage of women still do not opt for such operations, and for good reason. A study conducted by the Institute of Medicine reported that many women held serious concerns about breast implants, including local complications and the need for further surgeries(2). Going for an invasive and body altering surgery isn’t the foremost choice for many ladies today, given considerations such as general anaesthesia suitability, long recovery time, and the risk of incision scarring and infection.

What Other Options Are There?

Enter Intima Bust Lifta specific blend of lasers that tightens skin, strengthens ligaments and helps provide that desirable lift to keep your bosoms pert and shapely.

Compared to traditional breast augmentation techniques, laser bust lifts help to correct the issues causing sagginess rather than to artificially replace sagging tissue with silicone or saline implants. Hence, results tend to be far more natural, both to look and to touch. The “hardness” of the bust caused by traditional breast implants is also no longer an issue.

Most ladies, if not all, will be affected by saggy bosoms at some point. There are a host of reasons for this—Having one or more pregnancies, suddenly losing a significant amount of weight, as well as the long term effects of gravity and ageing. Reasons aside, critical factors contributing to sagging are:

  • A loss of collagen and elastin within the skin
  • Weakened ligaments that support breast tissue
  • Reduction in volume of bust tissue

So, How Does Intima Bust Lift Address These Issues?

Intima bust lift combines a variety of selected non-ablative lasers which not only tightens and firms up skin superficially, but also penetrates down to deeper lax ligaments that provide support to breast adipose tissue, strengthening and tightening them. This is achieved by inducing thermal heating in a controlled fashion to the epidermis (surface layer), dermis (deeper layers), and to structures beneath the skin in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Through reinforced support provided by strengthened ligaments, your bosom will naturally become more resistant to the effects of gravity and aging.

Intima bust lift is especially useful for younger ladies who may not want to opt for a major surgery but would still like to give their bosom a subtle lift. No incisions or sutures are made in Intima bust lifts, therefore this non-invasive approach does not result in scarring. Intima bust lift is also perfect for patients with mild symptoms of sagging, and are looking for a solution with minimal downtime and discomfort. When applied with the correct technique, daily activities can be resumed almost immediately.

Can You Combne Intima Bust Lift with Injectables?

When Intima bust lift laser is combined with bio remodelling injectables, the effects of tightening and lifting are further optimised. Skin quality is restored through the natural production of elastin and collagen, as well as the renewal of fat stem cells in the skin, which subtly lifts and adds volume to loose skin that has lost elasticity. At the end of the day, treatment principles remain the same—to tighten sagging skin, stimulate collagen production, and gently strengthen lax ligaments to prop up bust tissue in a natural and attractive manner.

Can You Combne Intima Bust Lift with Injectables?

Oral supplements claiming to naturally enlarge and firm your bosom abound. However, I do not encourage the use of them due to poor results as well as safety concerns. Breast enhancement products often contain plant-derived ingredients with weak estrogenic actions which can stimulate breast tissue growth, but evidence supporting their effects are not well researched. In addition, as non-prescribed supplements do not need to undergo rigorous testing unlike conventional drugs, there may be potentially harmful interactions when taken concurrently with long term prescribed drugs(3).

Can Intima Bust Lift really replace breast implants as the go-to breast augmentation treatment?

The short answer is yes, and no.

Intima laser bust lift treatments are not going to upsize your chest from a Cup B to Cup D overnight. In terms of increasing the overall volume of breast tissue, its effects are milder and more subtle. Think of Intima laser bust lift as a pushup bra—giving the sagging bosom an attractive shape and lift that they wouldn’t have unassisted. Apart from undergoing a surgical mastopexy with augmentation, current medical options to achieve dramatic tightening and volumisation of droopy busts are limited. However, you can achieve natural-looking results without having to go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure.

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(US); Grigg M, Bondurant S, Ernster VL, et al., editors. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2000. Information for Women About the Safety of Silicone Breast Implants. Institute of Medicine.




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