The StarWalker PicoSure laser is a US FDA approved, award winning, most powerful Fotona PICOsecond laser.

The StarWalker® PICO pigment laser is the most advanced and highest performance StarWalker model in Singapore. It uses a directed beam of laser at 1064nm wavelength with one trillionth of a second pulse duration to treat blemishes on the skin such as birthmarks, old acne scars, unwanted tattoos, enlarged pores and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


This pico laser treatment is most popular in Singapore because it treats many concerns with relatively low downtime. Redness after this laser treatment typically lasts for only an hour or less.

It can be used for:

  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Solar lentigenes, Hori’s nevus and other types of pigmentation
  • Overall skin brightening
  • Treatment of active acne and old acne scars
  • Unwanted tattoo removal
  • Shrinking of pores and decreasing of oil secretion


The Fotona Starwalker PICOsecond laser is an US FDA award winning picolaser offering 3rd generation Picolaser technology in Singapore. The Starwalker MaQX is the ONLY PICOlaser in Singapore to have a hybrid Picosecond laser technology. Out of all Picosecond lasers, the Starwalker PQX model is the fastest Picosecond laser invented at time of writing with a short pulse duration of 300 picoseconds. The 1064nm wavelength targets brown and black pigments in all layers of the skin.

The Starwalker Pico laser is a non-ablative pigmentation laser that works in ultra-short pulse picosecond laser pulses instead of nanosecond pulses in a Q Switched Nd:Yag Laser, which means less photo-thermal effect (less heat). A pico laser also has higher photo-acoustic effect (more energy) compared to a Q Switched laser, which means that a picosecond laser shatters pigmentation into smaller fragments which are more easily removed by the body’s immune system.

The pico laser procedure is usually 15 to 20 minutes long, followed by a pampering facial cooling and recovery treatment. It causes minimal to no downtime depending on your skin type and allows for immediate use of makeup and return to normal activities.


  • US FDA and award winning Pico Laser
  • 3rd generation ASP technology and the ONLY hybrid picosecond laser
  • First-in-its-class combination of picosecond pulse power and high energy of nanosecond pulses – ensuring greatest laser energy effects in shortest possible time
  • FracPICO technology is a game-changer for resurfacing of wrinkles and scars.
  • Four Picosecond Wavelengths for One Purpose – Flawless Skin
  • Laser for pigmentation — Fotona Starwalker has the most versatility amongst Picosecond lasers in treating stubborn pigmentation with 4 Picosecond wavelengths (532nm, 585nm, 650nm and 1064nm).
  • Faster laser energy pulse duration compared to Q Switched laser
  • Fewer complications such as causing burning or hyper pigmentation of surrounding skin


Each unique patient/condition requires a different pico laser treatment protocol. Results are typically seen from the first session but can take 3 to 6 sessions to give optimal results for conditions like pigmentation.

The pico laser just feels like many small taps on the skin and is generally very tolerable. We use Zimmer air cooler technology to maximise comfort.

It causes minimal to no downtime depending on your skin type and allows for immediate use of make up and return to normal activities.

Sunblock is essential after laser. Depending on your condition, pigmentation or skin type, we may recommend you different proprietary post-care creams as well for optimal results. This is not compulsory but ensures a tailored treatment.

It is safe as the Starwalker pico laser does not break the skin surface and needs no healing.

Compared to other pico lasers, the Starwalker pico laser is first-of-its-class technology with no other precedent. It is a combination of both technologies with both its advantages.

Compared to Q Switched lasers: The Starwalker uses multiple picosecond pulses within its nanosecond pulse wave to deliver less painful and less risky treatments. While Q Switched lasers are highly recommended for removing pigmentation, the Starwalker pico laser can treat serious pigmentation problems like melasma.

Compared to PICO lasers: The Starwalker pico laser has a much higher pulse energy and hence faster and more effective results.

All pico lasers have potential side effects, and these include temporary rash and acne outbreaks. Starwalker picosecond lasers however are a lot safer due to the quick picosecond pulses.

Certain mass market clinic chains offer daily laser regimes. These lasers are usually simple Q-switched lasers and cannot be compared to the Starwalker. The laser protocols were developed by businessmen rather than doctors and do not hold in regard the proper techniques and expertise needed for proper laser treatments.

Laser treatments are not a toy and should be properly performed with pre-treatment and post-treatment phases. Proper laser treatments seldom require anything more frequent than a biweekly treatment schedule.

They are usually a one-size fit all treatment where doctors have no time to discuss your individualised condition in depth.

These treatments are potentially dangerous as seen in these cases of mottled skin noted by dermatologists in the National Skin Centre: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4695430/

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