What is it? 

If you wish to increase skin tone firmness, tighten lax skin, and recapture your youthful appearance, Fotona’s 4D facelift could be what you are looking for. Fotona 4D is an innovative laser facelift treatment that helps restore youthfulness by using a combination of four lasers to deliver anti-aging effects. Starting from the interior of your oral cavity all the way out to the exterior skin surface, the deep, middle and superficial layers of your skin are synergistically targeted. This results in efficient skin tightening, a reduction of fine lines and imperfections, and a polishing of surface irregularities, all without the need for injectables or surgery.

What can it be used for?

  • Sagging tissues
  • Bulky cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prominent nasolabial folds
  • Eye Bags
  • Saggy upper eyelids
  • Uneven tone & texture
  • Skin laxity

How does it work?

Fotona 4D lasers are carried out sequentially to address a variety of skin concerns, with each laser’s unique benefits as described below:

Smooth Mode

Smooth mode is a form of non-ablative laser pulse duration, where controlled and gentle thermal heating is applied to mucosal surfaces such as the inside of your mouth or lower eyelids. SmoothLift is carried out from inside of the oral cavity, delivering controlled and gentle thermal heating to cheek tissues, while SmoothEye is carried out on the conjunctival surface of the lower eyelids. This not only stimulates the shrinkage of existing collagen fibres, but also initiates new collagen production. The results of a Smooth treatment depending on the which area is treated, is a plumping effect to nasolabial folds, increased elasticity and tightening of the cheeks, an improvement in mild to moderate perioral or undereye wrinkles, or a reduction in size of eyebags.


The Fotona PIANO is the only ultra long-pulsed laser that reaches into the sagging fat and ligamental layers of the face to create results other devices cannot achieve. A long pulse duration is necessary for absorption by water and collagen fibres to ensure collagen remodelling. By creating an ultra long pulse technology, Fotona PIANO achieves deeper tissue penetration with a tightening of all skin layers through bulk heating. The result is an improvement in facial laxity and wrinkles with minimal downtime. When higher settings are used for people with bulky cheeks, there is an effect of facial slimming immediately after. Fotona PIANO sets itself apart from other facelift or skin rejuvenation treatments by producing superior results while remaining safe for all skin types.

FRAC3 Mode

FRAC3 skin rejuvenation creates a three dimensional fractional effect that predominantly selects for skin imperfections while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. This allows for faster recovery and lesser downtime compared to conventional fractional treatments. Complementing the effects of Smoothlift’s intraoral treatment, FRAC3 improves depressed scarring, wrinkles, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation over several treatments, while tightening skin at the same time.

SupErficial Mode

To complete the Fotona 4D treatment, SupErficial is a mild laser peel that removes dead skin cells and improve surface irregularities such as pores and fine lines, giving the skin a smoother texture and even skin tone. With Fotona’s VSP technology, we are able to adjust the laser for a controlled light peel without thermal effects, that is safe for all skin types and with minimal downtime.


Each unique patient/condition requires a different treatment protocol. Results are typically seen from the first session, but because collagen stimulation takes time, but it shows in the next few days! With time and aging, sagging will return, so regular sessions will help make sure your results get better and more lasting.

This treatment gives quicker results (usually in a few days) compared to all other facelifting devices we use in the clinic. Patients normally see the laughlines lessen substantially as well as slimming of bulky cheeks or double chin (if used for that purpose).

This laser gives off a deep heating sensation with each shot and is tolerable with the use numbing cream, just as it is done with Thermage. We also use the Zimmer air cooler technology to maximise comfort.

It causes minimal to no downtime depending on individual and allows for immediate use of makeup and return to normal activities. Some redness akin to applying a light blusher may be visible.

The PIANO skin tightening laser uses the 1064nm ultra-long pulse, which is proven safe for all skin types.

Sunblock is essential after laser. Depending on your condition or skin type, we may recommend that you use different proprietary post-care creams as well for optimal results. This is not compulsory but ensures a tailored treatment.

A study was recently done showing the superior lifting and anti-wrinkle effects of this laser compared to the popular Thermage treatment. The link of this study can be found here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16581680. “Improvement judged by six blinded observers was greater for wrinkles and laxity (30% median) on the laser-treated side”.

Also, because no contact is required, unlike Thermage, it does not have any risk of causing skin burns from poor contact.

The collagen stimulation from this laser results in collagen that belongs to your own body – this can last as long as the other collagen fibres in your body.

The total cost may vary for each patient because this will depend on the severity of each patient’s condition and the area affected. Please bear in mind that we customize our approach for each patient, which means that the components of your combination treatment may not necessarily be the same as the next person’s treatment. We suggest that you come in for a personal consultation so that our doctors can thoroughly assess your condition and map out a specific treatment plan and its corresponding quotation.

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