Fotona Hair Restart Laser is a non-invasive, evidence-based way to treat hair loss without the need for invasive surgery. It is especially recommended for those in the early stages of hair loss or suffering from temporary hair loss and do not warrant an FUE hair transplant yet. 


FOTONA Hair Restart® Laser is a hair loss treatment that effectively promotes hair growth by stimulating dormant hair follicles to induce new hair growth. 

Non-invasive and comfortable, FOTONA Hair Restart® Laser is best suited for both women and men who notice early signs of hair loss or temporary hair loss conditions, without depending on long-term oral medication. 

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FOTONA Hair Restart® Laser works by emitting fractional non-ablative Er:YAG laser with a wavelength of 2940nm onto the scalp. This wavelength coincides with the maximal absorption in the skin.

FOTONA’s emission gently warms the scalp with mild thermal pulses in a controlled manner, stimulating the dormant hair follicles and triggering growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

In turn, this reaction encourages blood circulation in latent hair follicles to reduce inflammation in the hair follicle and support hair regrowth.

During the treatment session, the treatment area may be addressed in smaller parts, depending on the size of the treatment area. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. 


The patented feature of the FOTONA Hair Restart® regrowth treatment allows laser energy to be delivered to the hair follicles in a safe and effective manner. This non-invasive method helps to: 

  • Prevent further hair loss
  • Improve hair density and thickness
  • Stimulate and accelerate hair growth
  • Painless with minimal downtime
  • No aftercare required


Dr. Chua Cheng Yu, the medical director of Veritas Medical Aesthetics, is the first and only trainer in Singapore for FOTONA lasers.

Dr. Chua is highly experienced in skillfully maximising the different features of the  FOTONA Hair Restart® laser to effectively target hair loss. 

Veritas has a comprehensive range of hair loss treatments—from lasers, exosome stem cell therapy, to hair transplants. With a wide range of options available, each patient is treated with a personalised and customised plan for their specific condition.

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This hair regrowth treatment is most suitable for those facing early signs of hair loss — localised balding, pattern hair loss, hair thinning, hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia — and have not yet reached a stage that requires a full hair transplant.

Patients commonly observe fewer hair fall volume, new growths and increased thickness during the course of the treatment. A dermoscopy is commonly done at the completion of the course of treatment that shows greater hair density and shaft size as compared to before treatment. 

For optimal results, 6 to 12 sessions every 3 to 4 weeks is recommended. You should see improvements in hair loss, and increased hair density and thickness. Many patients observe new growth of baby hair and increased shaft size before completion of the treatment.

There are generally no restrictions or side effects, so you may resume with daily activities post-treatment. Your scalp may be slightly red right after the treatment but this will subside in a couple of hours.

Yes, the doctor may recommend you to combine FOTONA Hair Restart® Laser Treatment with other hair loss treatments, including:

  • Exosome Stem Cell Hair Growth Treatment
  • CG210 Hair Spray
  • Minoxidil 2%
  • Veritas Oral Hair Growth Capsules

FOTONA Hair Restart® laser is suitable for both men and women. As there are different patterns of hair loss in men and women, the doctor will be able to customise the treatment for your specific concerns. 

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