Flat or Crooked Nose

One distinctly Asian concern is having a flat nose bridge. With the nose and chin being such prominent features of our faces, we understand the need for these procedures to be convincingly useful and yet naturally subtle. We strongly believe in these natural and yet convincing treatments and we have many before and after pictures in the clinic to show for these procedures which could help you understand better.

The flat nose bridge can be made worse by having a bulbous or down-pointing nose tip. All these make the nose look short and consequently the middle part of the face less prominent. Occasionally, a protruding cartilage or bony structure may also make the nose appear crooked.

Our doctors are highly trained in medical rhinoplasty, having learnt how to use a combination of fillers, botulinum toxins as well as thread lifts to reshape the nose. This combination offers minimal downtime, immediate effects and lasting results nearing that of surgical rhinoplasty for a fraction of its cost and money.

Various Evidence Based Approaches

How to choose between a filler or a nose threadlift? It comes down to the individual skin type to decide who would benefit more from which. Neurotoxins are the only treatment that can help relax nose muscles to rebalance hyperactive muscles, so sometimes they need to be used in combination.

The Veritas Approach

In general, neurotoxins are irreplaceable if they are suitable treatments. But how to choose between fillers or threadlifts? It really comes down to the patient and their individual condition. Any treatment centre that promises you a treatment without properly assessing (photographing and examining – touching- your nose), should be avoided.

Most of the time, threads are better for definition and tip projection. However, fillers are still extremely useful for precise correction and also for big volume changes that may be needed.

Both procedures entail some risk, so some doctors prefer not to do this procedure if they’re not fully trained or apprehensive about it. Nose fillers if done wrongly can result in blindness and skin necrosis, while thread lifts can cause thread migration, extrusion, infection and scarring. Both procedures can cause deformities if not done well.

Our advice is to find a doctor who will explain risk carefully to you but yet give you the confidence that they can manage your complications. This can be done over a detailed consultation as well as sharing of his or her past experience. When done properly, nose fillers/threads are an extremely worthwhile and gratifying procedure.

Nose threads or fillers?

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