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Face sagginess is one of the most obvious symptoms of aging. It easily reveals a person’s age or can even cause him/her to look older than they actually are. Collagen, elastin and supportive connective tissues are naturally lost as we age and this results in our faces to change shape and look less plump and youthful. Lack of skin maintenance, sun damage and smoking contribute greatly to sagging skin.

Threadlift benefits

Threads have long been used with varying degrees of success to lift sagging tissue and place them in a better position to address sagging, as well as to restore shape and contour. The 2 main types of threads used today are the Silhouette Soft threads (suspension threads) and PDO (Polydioxanone) threads.

Unlike old-fashioned threads, newer versions are stronger and promote tissue tightening which enables lifting of the skin. The effects last longer and does not damage the skin or cause extrusion as compared to the olden threads that had primitive barbs that hook onto the skin.

Dr Chua has been specifically trained to perform the threadlift procedure using the latest Silhouette Soft/PDO threads to restore the “triangle of youth”. His efforts are focused on creating a safe and natural-looking outcome.


Silhouette Soft/PDO thread lifting treatments has become widely popular because it stimulates collagen production and can create a subtle, non-surgical lift that redefines the face and neck without giving excessive volume. The PDO threads used in aesthetics are barbed so that they gently, but firmly, tether under the skin to create a firm grip to pull and lift the skin.

The 30 minutes procedure allows individuals to achieve a V shape face that is natural and younger looking. Deep creases, lines and wrinkles look less obvious after the skin is lifted. Further improvement on the brightness, tautness and elasticity of the skin can also be observed 3-6 months after treatment due to collagen renewal. It is ideal for mid face, eyebrow, neck or jaw line areas which can be treated separately or at the same time.

Natural and long-lasting results (over 12 months) can be achieved with minimal recovery time and no scars. The components of the threads used are entirely re-absorbable. Threadlift treatment can be complemented with other aesthetic treatments depending on a person’s needs and preferences. In general, it is a safe and almost pain-free procedure due to the application of local anesthesia.







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Is it safe?

Dr Chua ensures that the treatment is done safely and correctly. The threads used are bio-compatible, which means that they biodegrade/dissolve and are absorbed into the body over a period of 6 to 12 months. The procedure doesn’t come with very serious risks as long as it is done under the same clean conditions that is similar to minor surgical procedures. Necessary efforts are made to avoid infection.

How is it done?

After local anesthesia (numbing agent) is injected over the area, a thread is inserted under the skin using a fine needle. Following that, a slight pressure is applied on the treated area to assist in the reshaping process on the surface to achieve immediate lift. Some treatments only target the mid-face depending on the individual’s concern. The entire process is almost pain-free.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Lifting effects are noticeable immediately but you can expect mild bruising and swelling for about 7-10 days. The results will be more evident once the swelling has subsided. Compared to the facelift, which has often been associated with scars, the thread lift is usually well placed and not very discernible after it has healed.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects that are associated with this procedure include temporary redness on the insertion site, slight swelling in the area, and occasional bruising for a few days.

How many sessions do I need?

This will depend on the goal of the patient. Most of the time, a single session can already create the desired outcome. Additional sessions or touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain the results.

How long does it last?

The effects of PDO threads generally lasts 6 to 12 months while Silhouette Soft threads lasts 12 to 24 months depending on your age, lifestyle and facial movement patterns.

Can I have other treatments in addition to this one?

Silhouette Soft threads and PDO threads can be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers, and radio frequency.

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