Eyebags or sunken undereyes happen as a result of ageing due to stretching ligaments, fat pad sagging, and bone loss. These cause the tissues around the eye area to droop and look hollow – giving the skin under the eyes to appear dark and sunken. Most will begin to notice common signs of eyebags in their late 30s or early 40s.

What are the symptoms of eyebags and sunken undereyes?

Eyebags are also known as “tear trough hollows” or “undereye hollows”. The appearance of eyebags and sunken undereyes may vary for each person but there are some symptoms that can help identify if an individual has sunken undereyes, including:

  • Hollow undereyes
  • A dark shadow over the lower eyelids
  • Dark circle beneath the eyes
  • Thin-looking skin under the eyes
  • A fatigued or tired look on the face


For the most part, eyebags and sunken undereyes are not medical conditions to be concerned about. It does, however, cause one to look older than they really are.

There are a few causes a person can have eyebags and sunken undereyes.

  • Ageing
    Fat and bone density in the face tend to decrease as we age, causing a decline in the support structures holding everything together. Loss of collagen in the skin also causes skin to become thinner and more translucent, giving a hollowed look around the eyes in the process.
  • Genetics
    If eyebags tend to run in your family, there is a higher chance of you inheriting this trait. This has to do with the position of the eyes in the socket, which may give the appearance of sunken or darkened undereyes.
  • Lifestyle
    Your lifestyle habits or diet could be the reason for the appearance of eyebags and sunken undereyes, especially in your later years. Lifestyle factors that contribute to eyebags and dark undereyes include a lack of sleep, dehydration and smoking.

Various Evidence-based Methods

As eyebags can be caused by many factors, your treatment plan will hinge on the root cause of your eyebags. For this reason, we may use a combination treatment approach that may consist of the following clinically-proven protocols:

The Veritas Approach

Our eyes are a delicate facial area which deserves the best medical technology and expertise.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine enable us to find the optimal individualised solution to your personal concerns. We are heavy on combination treatment as correcting only one aspect of a multifactorial problem does not produce optimal results.

By doing so, we have and continuously hope to give the best value for the time our patients have set aside for us.

A combination of techniques gives the best results because injectables and lasers work in targeting different components of the same problem. The problem can be more than skin deep – apart from skin laxity: fat atrophy, bone loss and ligamental sagging are all possible contributing factors.

  • Different lasers and other energy-based devices can be used to reach various layers of the periorbital area, tightening loose skin, fat and ligaments to stimulate collagen in each layer
  • Neurotoxins can help to relax tense muscles and help with wrinkle reduction and also an immediate lift
  • Other skin injectables can replace hollows immediately and stimulate long-term collagen in treated areas

When done properly, results are more natural and long-lasting, making this a powerful time- and cost-saving measure. Our team’s commitment to combination treatments also reflects our experience and versatility with various products and procedures in the field of aesthetics.


Permanent removal of eyebags cannot be achieved, even plastic surgery, as the formation of eyebags is part of the natural ageing process. Plastic surgery may remove these concerns for a longer period, but this comes at a higher cost and greater risks. Additionally, the results may not be natural as it is common to overcorrect eyebags via surgical methods that result in sunken under eyes, which would require injections to fix after the surgery. While a combination of non-surgical treatment options using injectables and lasers may require some touch-ups in 2-5 years, the results are more natural, the costs are generally lower, with minimal risks.

Drinking more water and applying cold compresses can improve the looks of eyebags slightly by improving circulation around the area, however, these are temporary measures that will not improve eyebags caused by. Making changes to your lifestyle and diet can help to reduce the appearance of sunken undereyes but the results will only be visible after a certain amount of time.

Unless your eyebags and sunken undereyes are inherited, they may not be a permanent problem. Ageing is one of the primary reasons a person develops eyebags and sunken undereyes. Preventing them by making changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits can help slow it down, but not prevent it or reverse it completely. A combination of targeted treatments will be able to reverse eyebags and sunken undereyes, and to slow down the process of ageing significantly.

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