Eye Wrinkles

The eye area is one of the most dynamic areas of our face and can easily form wrinkles from excessive muscle movement. Wrinkles around our eyes can form when we laugh too hard (in the form of bunny lines and crow’s feet) or when we frown (frown/glabellar lines). With age and sun exposure, collagen content also decreases drastically, making the area prone to forming fixed (static) lines.

The Veritas Approach

What can be done/How does it work

Prevention with a bit of Btx is always recommended in this area. This is because the cost, pain and time spent on reversing static lines (which can form if no prevention is undertaken) is much more than what a few maintenance Btx jabs will do.

Fillers can provide immediate correction to static lines and may be suitable for those who are looking for a quick fix. It is a favourite treatment because it stays in the skin for months and continuously stimulates beneficial collagen growth as well.

If you’re keen for non-invasive treatments:

Resurfacing ablative treatments are usually required if static lines are already present. PERFECT is a combination of various resurfacing lasers. These treatments stimulate collagen growth and remodelling in the deeper layers of the skin which are where the wrinkles form.

Non ablative resurfacing options such as Neogen, RF, Infini, Bladeless, Erbium-glass (De Oro) or Long-pulsed ND:Yag Lasers (Starwalker VERSA3) improve these static lines while providing a lift to saggy tissues too. In fact, a recent clinical study showed better improvement with the long pulsed ND:Yag when compared to Thermage treatments!

There’s an exciting new treatment approach to skin that does not involve pain or damage to the skin (without the heat or ablation of the options above). The BioHeal treatment is one such treatment which will become an upcoming trend – drastic results with no downtime.

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