Heard of “vampire facials” (PRP therapy) or PRP hair treatment? While PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is the latest buzzword in aesthetic medicine, here’s a better alternative, especially for hair loss – Exosome Stem Cell Therapy.

At Veritas Medical Aesthetics, we are proud to offer the next promising treatment that treats hair loss at the root – Exosome Stem Cell Therapy

What is Exosome Stem Cell Therapy?

Exosome Stem Cell Therapy is a hair regrowth treatment with rising popularity that uses exosomes to stimulate hair growth. Exomes are core substances that transmit messages between cells in the human body. Think of them as avatars for stem cells; they possess the regenerative effects of a stem cell and deliver stem cell efficacies to receptor cells. 

When used on the hair, exosomes from follicular stem cells can: 

  • Inhibit cell ageing
  • Relieves inflammation to help improve scalp
  • Promote regenerative wound healing
  • Improve problematic scalp environment 
  • Stimulates dermal papilla cells cell proliferation that help in hair growth
  • Strengthen hair roots 
  • Promotes cytokines involved in hair growth

These altogether restore the hair environment, promoting hair growth. 

How does Exosome Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss work?

Exomes contain RNA and mNRA, the initiator of protein manufacturing. They promote cellular growth and inherit several useful growth factors, including those that:

  • Recruit mononuclear cells (mixture of different types of cells)
  • Encourage blood vessel formation 
  • Encourage stem cell and melanocyte growth 
  • Convert inflammatory cells to anti-inflammatory cells 

Most notably, exosomes prolong the hair growth cycle by converting hair follicles stuck in the telogen phase to the anagen phase. 

Exosomes vs stem cell therapy vs PRP: Which is better? 

While PRP comes across as an appealing and choice solution for hair regrowth, clients should note that: 

  • PRP is not yet legalised in Singapore 
  • Stem cell treatments have only recently been approved for research use 
  • PRP yields inconsistent results as it yields less bioactive substances for older patients 


  • Exosomes have 3x as much growth factors as PRP does
  • Exosomes are consistent as they are lab-grown with a high concentration of growth factors
  • Exosomes do not contain impurities from unnecessary portions of your own blood 
  • Exosomes have a smaller molecule size that allow for direct application onto the skin, unlike PRP which needs to be injected for results. In other words, exosome therapy is a lot less invasive. 

The Veritas Difference

At Veritas Medical Aesthetics, we use stem cell-derived ExoSCRT Exosomes developed by ExoCoBio in our Exosome Hair Growth Treatment. ExoSCRT Exosomes are the only exosomes that meet the criteria of the International Society of Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) and Korean Food and Drug Administration (MFDS)


They contain: 

  • 10 types of growth factors that promote hair health 
  • 30 types of ingredients that nourish hair and scalp, such as biotin and copper-tripeptide 
  • 30 types of anti-inflammatory miRNA 
  • Over 10008 growth factors and proteins, of which 101 are for cell proliferation

Studies show an approximate 30% increase in cell proliferation when patients are treated with ExoSCRT Exosomes.


Exosome Hair Growth treatment is suitable for men and women who are: 

  • Worried about their thinning hair
  • Worried about their problematic scalp and want healthy hair and scalp 
  • Not ready or not suitable for hair transplant 

Treatment effects vary depending on the degree of hair loss, but generally hair growth can be seen 2 months after treatment and 6 months for noticeable results. Patients commonly observe that their hair is thicker and more dense in dermoscopy photos after the exosome treatment.

A session every 2-3 weeks over 3 months is recommended. You should see improvements along the hairline and alleviation of hair loss at the top of the head, thicker shaft size and more dense along with an increase in the strength of hair.

  • Avoid touching the site for at least 4 hours post-treatment 
  • Do not shampoo within 12 hours of treatment 
  • Do not apply pressure on the treatment area

Yes, you can combine Exosome Stem Cell Hair Growth Treatment with the lineup of hair loss treatments we offer at Veritas, including: 

  • Hair Restart Laser
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
  • Hair Transplant
  • PDRN Scalp Infusion
  • CG210 Hair Spray
  • Minoxidil 5%
  • Finasteride

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