Excessive and Unwanted Hair

Unwanted or excessive hair can present on the face as well as body. Sometimes, it may be associated with medical problems such as hirsutism. Either way, excessive hair can be irritating or cause one to be self-conscious. This is why many resort to waxing, threading or even shaving. These methods are painful and can also worsen the situation when the hairs regrow and become coarser. IPL hair removal is still very popular but even then the procedure can cause unnecessary pain and downtime, and is not safe for darker skin types.

Laser hair removal may take a few sessions to complete, depending on skin type and the thickness of the hair. However, hair reductions are seen almost immediately after each treatment with no downtime.

Hirsutism may require a proper medical consultation

The Veritas Method

Stop shaving! Medical procedures have shown to be able to achieve long lasting results with hair removal. Other methods such as waxing are much more painful and also temporary.

IPL devices (salon or home devices) are increasingly popular, but it’s important to note that these have a high potential to burn skin, especially if your skin type is darker. Look for someone experienced to perform this for you.

Picosecond lasers are sometimes required to lighten dark marks that happen as a result of scarring from shaving or IPL treatments.

Fotona FRAC3 hair removal laser can be used for permanent hair removal. This method of hair removal has been shown to be safe for all skin types (unlike the IPL or other laser wavelengths) and also proven to be a no downtime procedure. This procedure is usually associated only with mild risks – minor skin irritation and redness may persist for a few hours over treated areas. Medicated creams may be necessary after treatment.

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