Enlarged Pores

Pores are small, visible openings in our skin that primarily serve to release bodily fluids like oils and sweat.

Enlarged pores is a very common condition. Pore size can vary in accordance to multiple factors. Usually, people with acne and have a naturally oily skin type tend to have larger pores.

Other factors that might contribute to having enlarged pores include:

  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Loss of elastin and collagen
  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Individuals with excessive and coarse hair follicles

As we grow older, our skin loses elastin and collagen and thus our skin becomes weaker, making enlarged pores much more visible.

Various Evidence Based Options

The Veritas Method

Medical peels and surface resurfacing lasers are extremely useful for reducing the congestion and blackheads. They come with varying levels of downtime, from practically no peeling to a moderate amount that can last for days.

Non-ablative or needling RF options can control and even remove the oil glands beneath skin, removing the root cause of the problem. In this way, pores can be removed permanently. These procedures usually give a few days of downtime in terms of mild redness and swelling.

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