Dry and inelastic skin

Dry skin is a common complaint among post-adolescent individuals. This is usually the result of stress at our busy lifestyles and the harsh effects of the environment (sun/environmental pollutants). Alcohol, smoking, low water intake and poor use of skincare are other significant contributing factors.

Some medical conditions can cause dry and flaky skin (such as eczema or fungal skin disease) and they need to be ruled out if your condition is severe.

Symptoms of dry skin include:

  • Rough, flaky or peeling skin
  • Itching
  • Scaling
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Redness
  • Cracks that may bleed

Some causes of dry skin include:

  • Air-conditioning
    Places that require air-conditioning or dehumidifiers will drastically reduce the humidity in the air and cause your skin to dry up.


  • Warm Baths & Showers
    Try and avoid taking too many long showers with hot water. Spending too long in the sauna or jaccuzi can also have detrimental effects to your skin. The heat from these activites can damage and irritate the surface of the skin, causing skin to get drier even though it feels warm and moist while you’re at it.
  • Soap & Detergent
    Coming into contact with dishwashing fluid or harsh soaps can cause skin to become dry and flake off. This is because these soaps have an agent that can destroy the natural skin barriers and cause skin to dry out.

Various Evidence Based Options

The Veritas Method

Firstly, medical conditions should be ruled out. These frequently need medical treatment and careful follow up for recurrence.

Lifestyle measures are useful (even if you are suffering from medical conditions). This can include adequate hydration, a balanced diet as well as healthy levels of activity. Skincare is essential to prevent and treat dry skin, it’s also something you can do for yourself daily.

Treatments come in 2 forms:
Medical devices can be used to push hydrating molecules into skin. Some newer medical devices like the BioHeal can stimulate skin to produce its own moisture molecules.

Injectables like skinboosters and Rejuran are more invasive, but also can give more drastic results.

Dry skin is usually a very satisfying condition to treat and provides great relief for patients.


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