Double Chin

Having a sagging, unsightly double chin is troubling for anyone. Many patients who I know have double chins go for extreme crash diets and exercise regimes that do not prove effective.

Double chin fat, also known as submental fat, can be incredibly tough to get rid of naturally once it occurs. What’s worse, it isn’t weight or age bound, and can affect men and women of all ages and sizes!

There are many factors that can lead to someone developing a double chin. Some of them are:

⦁ Genetics
Especially amongst Asians, as we tend to have a certain jaw structure, double chin occurrence is relatively high. Many of my patients I see have had double chin fat since they were teenagers.

Asians tend to have a smaller jawline than other races, making little deposits of fat become far more prominent than they would look like otherwise.

⦁ Age
As we age, collagen loss happens at a small but steady rate per year. Our neck skin starts to sag, and fat deposits there become more apparent.

Also, aging causes our metabolism to slow down, causing us to put on fat in unwanted areas far more freely.

⦁ Health & Diet
Double chins are caused due to the accumulation of fat around the jaw area. If you’re not watching what you eat and you avoid exercise, the caloric surplus will inevitably cause you to put on weight and you might end up developing an ugly looking double chin.

⦁ Posture
Yes, you heard me right! Something as simple as having a good posture might help you correct your double chin woes. People with a tendency to slouch, or hunch, will cause fat to bunch up in an unsightly way below their jaw. Something as simple as keeping your neck and spine straight can actually correct your appearance in a significant way!

The Veritas Approach

The choice treatment really depends on individual factors and also the degree of submental fat.

Devices that tighten skin and treat excessive fat can give great results, but may take some time to show. This is because it takes time for the excess fat to be naturally passed out of the treated areas, as well as time taken for collagen growth that is required to tighten loose skin. These usually have minimal side effects if proper machines are used properly.

CoolMini really stands out amongst the devices for giving some of the most drastic results possible for this concern. It is also the only cryolipolysis device that has in-built safety measures. However, not everyone is suitable for CoolSculpting so careful assessment needs to be done.

Injectables like thread lift for the double chin can provide a quick and lasting solution for this area. The procedure is usually painless, but the recovery phase may be associated with some discomfort (at least for a few days). Otherwise, it is minimally invasive, practically a lunch time procedure which you can do and return to work afterward. Side effects like infection, skin dents and thread migration are possible, especially when not done properly.

Occasionally, weight management with lifestyle changes and medication may be needed. Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments can actually be used in combination for quick and long lasting results. We specialise in crafting holistic combination solutions for people who need them.

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