Dark Eye Circles

Many people have suffered from having dark circles under their eyes. Even young students suffer from this condition. In general, dark eye circles aren’t a scary health concern, but the appearance of dark circles under one’s eyes can make someone appear tired or disinterested and affect one’s self esteem.

One thing that is especially bad about dark eye circles is that they are quite persistent and don’t simply go away by themselves.

Contrary to popular belief, the most common cause of dark eye circles is NOT pigmentation. Research shows that up to 80% of dark eye circles actually have a combination of contributing causes. These include: vascular congestion, pigmentation and sunken shadowing appearance. Of these, vascular congestion is the most common, which explains why dark eye circles worsen when you have a late night or a blocked nose.

Some reasons why dark eye circles might develop also include:

1. Sun exposure
Directly exposing yourself to the sun causes the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that directly affects your skin tone and color (it’s the reason why we get tans). Due to our genetics, Asians also tend to develop pigmentation issues around the eye area.

2. Aging
Skin aging reduces the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin, causing it to lose its firmness and healthy look. When this happens around our eyes, the fat and bony loss will make the area look hollow and sunken. The already thin skin will also start to show the blood vessels underneath, giving your eyes a hollow and dark look.

Sunken under-eye area, you can see the hollow area. There is also some pigment darkening very near the lash line.

3. Tiredness
When we sleep, our body rejuvenates itself and repairs any damage we sustained during the day. If we don’t sleep enough, the circulation of blood to the skin will be affected. This reduces oxygen flow to the skin, making the skin look shadowed and dull.

Vascular congestion under the eyes looks purplish/reddish/bluish. Sometime visible veins can be seen.

The Veritas Method

⦁ Laser treatments from Fotona BrightEye combination lasers can help with both pigmentation as well as vascular congestion from the dark eye circles. In this clinical study, all its participants rated this laser treatment (the Starwalker PICO, VERSA3 and VERDE) with 100% satisfaction for their vascular congested dark eye circles with no side effects. This is more effective than simply using a single wavelength laser, because different wavelengths are needed for this complex problem. Do take note that not all vascular lasers work for dark circles – we see many patients who have failed treatment elsewhere because single and wrong wavelength treatment was prescribed.

⦁ The AOX Eye Gel from Skinceuticals is another excellent product for the maintenance of dark eye circles of all causes. The gel form of this product ensures that the delicate skin in this area does not clog up and form milia like many eye creams cause. This unique eye gel also works synergistically with our laser treatments.

⦁ Botulinum toxins should be used if there is a bulky undereye muscle that is casting a shadow which can result in a dark eye circle appearance.

⦁ The Teosyal RD2 is a new filler from the reputable Swiss company Teoxane pharmaceuticals that is specially designed for the under eye area. This special filler does not absorb too much water and guarantees a natural result with not much swelling even over time. Furthermore, it contains Vitamin B6 and Glutathione, natural skin lighteners that can help with any pigmentation in that area that causes the dark eye circle appearance. Fillers can be used to fill the undereye area if the darkness is mainly due to a sunken shadowing.

⦁ The PDRN/Rejuran Healer is the latest offering in the injectable market. This product uses DNA fragments to stimulate cell growth and wound healing. There are now many clinical studies that show that this molecules induce long term skin regeneration from within and hence improving skin health, elasticity and pigmentation. The PDRN/Rejuran healer is an excellent product to use in combination of botox and fillers.

Why do we recommend combination treatment

Again, our team’s commitment to combination treatments also reflect our experience and versatility with various products in the aesthetic field. This condition has many contributing causes and an individualised solution is needed for everyone with this problem.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine enables us to find the most optimal individualised solution to your personal concern. We are heavy on combination treatment as it is obvious that correcting only one aspect of multifactorial problems do not give optimal results. By doing so, we have and continuously hope to give the best value for the time our patients set aside for us.

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