What is bruising?

Bruising can happen after an accidental knock or even after certain medical/surgical procedures. These accidents can leave an unsightly discoloration, colloquially known as “black and blue”, that require concealers in order to cover up.

Why bruises happen is due to tiny blood vessels, otherwise known as capillaries, to burst. This causes blood to accumulate under the skin’s surface, causing an unsightly discolored appearance. Some bruises may hurt when pressure is applied, some may be completely painless.

In general, bruises will heal by themselves and disappear after some time. However, there are cases where deep bruises are persistent and do not disappear even after proper rest.

Various Evidence Based Methods

The Veritas Method

Most bruises heal and disappear with time without any intervention. Essentially, this procedure is for those who need a quick fix for bruising. After proper treatment, bruises can fade quickly within 24 hours. There are actually a few different laser wavelengths that can help with vascularity and bruising. Applied at different levels of skin, bruises can be treated completely after injury.

Take note though that old and yellow bruises are not amenable to treatment as they do not present a proper target for the laser.

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