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While breast sagging can be a natural result of aging, some women experience more significant breast sagging, also known as ptosis, after pregnancy, breastfeeding or after considerable weight loss. With a reduction in breast volume, previously stretched breast skin and ligaments are unable to contract back as much due to a loss of elasticity over time. This results in changes to the size, shape and firmness of breasts.

Various Evidence Based Options

Intima Breast Lift  – A blend of lasers that not only tightens skin around the breast, but also strengthens the deeper ligaments that could be overstretched post-breast feeding, or after large fluctuations in weight.

Radiofrequency Devices – Radiofrequency energy is applied to stimulate elastin and collagen production, that in turn tighten breast skin. Results are more gradual and often limited to the skin layer. When a higher energy is delivered, tightening of underlying sagging tissue can be achieved. However, results are dependent on each individual’s skin electrical conductivity, and fat loss and atrophy can possibly occur under imprecise and uncontrolled heating, not to mention a higher risk of side effects such as skin burns.

Surgical Mastopexy – An operation where excess breast skin is removed and the nipple and areola are repositioned to give tighter and fuller breasts. Results are more dramatic, but recovery time and a risk of incision scarring are increased in surgical procedures.

The Veritas Method

The choice treatment depends on the degree of breast ptosis, breast size, and the individual’s skin quality. At Veritas, Intima breast lift helps to improve breast sagging in women with mild to moderate ptosis. It is also suitable for ladies looking to maintain breast tightness, by achieving skin and tissue rejuvenation both at a superficial and deeper level. A combination of non-ablative lasers that stimulate collagen production in a controlled manner is used that involves minimal recovery time and discomfort. It is a safe alternative to surgery, whereby daily activities can be resumed almost immediately.

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