What is Bladeless Eyebag Removal?

Bladeless Eyebag Removal is an innovative treatment developed right here in Veritas to alleviate tiredness and aging in the eyes, giving natural-looking results which improves eye bags, under eye wrinkles and lax eyelids using a curation of lasers and machines. Eyebags develop as the structures supporting the eyes undergo significant changes with age. Your skin becomes lax, there is a loss of bony tissue resulting in porous bones, and ligaments supporting your eyes weaken, allowing fat which cushions the eyes to displace downwards and bulge out.

Bladeless Eyebag Removal targets these and more with the use of a plethora of laser and machine choices, depending on each individual’s needs. As Bladeless Eyebag Removal does not involve surgery, this non-invasive treatment requires  little or no downtime, and does away with the risk of incision scarring and a prolonged recovery period.

What can Bladeless Eyebag Removal be used for?

How does Bladeless Eyebag Removal work?

With a variety of over 8 different lasers and machines to choose from, Bladeless Eyebag Removal effectively tightens a lax periorbital septum which gives rise to eyebags, and treats wrinkles, sagging and lid drooping. It remodels existing collagen and brings about new collagen production at different tissue layers around the eye region by directly targeting from both the inside of the eyelid (mucosal) and outside (skin), strengthening deeper supporting ligaments and structures beneath the skin at the same time.

This is achieved through a combination of lasers, radiofrequency, and ultrasound waves, which produce controlled photothermal heating, thus reducing surface damage when done correctly. The treatment combination depends on your skin condition and type, which will be tailored by your doctor.


Our treatment approach is individualised to meet the needs of your condition, and the number of sessions depends on its severity and how your skin responds. Results can be seen from the first session, but because collagen stimulation takes time, improvement is noticed in the following weeks, and regular sessions will give better and more lasting results.

Minimal to no downtime is involved in Bladeless Eyebag Removal treatment, depending on the individual and the combination of treatment  used. There may be swelling, dryness and mild redness which subsides within a few days.

Results from the Bladeless Eyebag Removal treatment are long lasting and can improve the appearance of your eye region as age catches up. Results can be sustained with maintenance sessions.

Numbing cream is applied, and therefore, Bladeless Eyebag Removal is very tolerable, with just a heating sensation experienced during the treatment.

It is important to protect the skin around your eye after a Bladeless Eyebag Removal treatment. Depending on your condition or skin type, we may recommend that you use different proprietary post-care creams in addition for optimal results.

As the most delicate area of the face, the skin around the eye deserves the best treatment. You will be in a good position to achieve superior results when the treatment is backed by a strong knowledge of the physiologic changes involved, as well as their corresponding treatments. We emphasise the importance of having a meticulous eye for detail and the critical thinking on how best to address the problem through a multifactorial approach, in which our doctors have extensive experience. We use a combination treatment because of the obvious fact that correcting only one aspect does not produce optimal results. In so doing, we continue to provide the best value for the time that our patients set aside for us.

The total cost may vary for each individual because this will depend on the severity of your condition. Please bear in mind that we customize our approach for every individual, which means that the components of your combination treatment may not necessarily be the same as the next person’s treatment. We suggest that you come in for a personal consultation so that our doctors can thoroughly assess your condition and map out a specific treatment plan and its corresponding quotation.

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