What are bony or “aged-looking” hands?

As we grow older, our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin. This creates a saggy and frail appearance to some of parts of our body, especially our hands. Our hands also tend to come into contact with water and cleaning agents quite often, be it during house cleaning or dish washing. This content can strip lipids from the skin and damage the skin’s function as a barrier.

Loose skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and skeletal looking tendons all make the hands look older. Especially so for ladies, a young and soft-looking pair of hands is associated with gentleness and elegance. Hand rejuvenation is usually a multi-step process treating the different layers affected.

The Veritas Method

Proper skincare including the use of a good sunblock is essential to halt the UV-aging of this frequently sun-exposed area.

Pigment and firming lasers deal with the top layer of the skin where pigmentation problems such as age spots can arise, and also can help firming loose skin.

Collagen stimulating fillers are perfect for filling up the bony appearance and stimulating the deeper layers of skin to reduce wrinkled or bony appearances. Results are immediate with this treatment and have a tunable longevity depending on your needs.

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