Active Acne & Facial Oiliness

Almost everyone experiences some degree of acne during their teenage years, due to the hormonal changes of going through puberty. Acne has different forms, ranging from small comedones (blackheads/whiteheads), to medium papules/pustules and large nodules/cysts.

Where does Acne usually appear?

Other than your face, acne can appear on many different parts of the body. Most common body areas are the chest and back.

What are some common causes of Acne?

Acne occurs when there is clogging in the pores found on our skin. These clogs are caused by dead skin cells. When skin cells die and rise to the surface of the skin, the body generally sheds those dead cells automatically.

However, if the body makes a lot of sebum, the dead skin cells can stick together inside the pore. This makes those cells trapped within the pore, causing a hotbed for bacteria to grow and multiply. This causes the pore to become very inflamed and thus acne is caused.

There are misconceptions that acne is a teenage problem. In fact, acne affects people of all ages/sexes and in some, this problem worsens in their adulthood. In fact, recent studies have shown increase prevalence of adult acne, with up to 80% of acne cases persistent beyond puberty (1). The majority of those affected are ladies (82.1% in this study) but there could be a selection bias because ladies generally try to take better care of their own skin.

Acne not just results in painful and irritating bumps. It causes long term effects in terms of pigmentation (coloured marks) and scarring (depressed scars). It has even been shown that up to 52% of patients are affected with psychological stress.

If you are one of them, fret not. We have helped many patients walk through their journey in curing acne and maintaining acne free skin. Acne treatments show results quickly, and treating acne prevents scars, so you can save all the time and effort from having to deal with the scars otherwise!

Various Evidence Based Solutions

The Veritas Method

Prevention and self-care measures are the best start in your acne treatment. Skincare products and habits need to be corrected in detail for best treatment results.

The HydroPeel facial can clear comedonal acne, clogged pores and coloured scars, without any downtime and even hydrating the skin simultaneously.

The BLEND laser protocol is a combination laser session that can control sebum production, kill acne causing bacteria as well as fade acne scars. Inflammatory acne can be controlled using other rejuvenation and resurfacing lasers. AGNES can be used for stubborn acne spots and can remove acne permanently by destroying its root cause sebaceous gland.

Oral and topical medicines are sometimes still needed to control acne. Consult our doctors to make sure you are using the right type of medications (there are many types!) and using them correctly.

Sometimes, a combination of treatments is necessary. These combinations and the timings between the various combinations are a carefully developed clinical science which is precisely tailored for each individual.

Acne scar treatments are best kicked start with a proper consultation and discussion with an experienced doctor.

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