Acne (Atrophic) Scars

Acne scars mar the surface of our smooth skin, making it look rough and aged. This can cause much distress in individuals affected. Patients sometimes pile on the makeup to cover these blemishes, but unlike pigmentation, these problems are not easily “covered up”. Active acne destroys the collagen in our skin, leaving behind these depressions even after the acne infection clears up. This is why we advocate early and appropriate treatment of active acne.

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These depressions can get worse with time as our skin loses collagen when we age and also when we accumulate more sun exposure.

Acne scars come in different forms and different scars frequently need different treatment modalities. This simple diagram explains the different types of scars. It is important to note that acne scars improve by collagen stimulation of the deep (reticular) dermis and this can take time for results to show, but appropriate treatment can yield visible results from the very first treatment! A complete treatment approach can yield complete removal of acne scars as well, contrary to popular belief that scars can only improve and not be removed completely. Run of the mill and single dimension treatments frequently give very limited improvement, which many people will try to convince that is the best you can achieve.

Picture examples of various scar types:


These look like undulating hills.


These look like sharp cliffs.


These look like deep valleys.

or keloid scarring

A less common type of scar you see with acne scars are known as hypertrophic scars. Instead of dented skin areas, hypertrophic scars are bumpy and protruding from the skin.

Various Evidence Based Methods

  • Subcision
  • Rejuran Healer combined with Subcision with various collagen stimulators – a must for certain (but not all!) scar types. This procedure requires very skilled techniques but give drastic improvements when done properly
  • PERFECT Resurfacing – PERFECT stands for a blend of various fractional lasers to target the different layers and targets of acne scars
  • Starwalker FracPICO Scar and Tattoo Removal
  • Enerjet 2.0  – unique subcision treatment that relies on explosive kinetic technology to subcase scars
  • TCA Cross and spot laser irradiation – Deep ice-pick scars may require this, but it really depends on the scar morphology, skin type and most importantly doctor experience
  • Punch Excision – best treatment for deep icepick scars, executed most appropriately with facial plastic micro-sutures

The Veritas Method

Acne scar treatments benefit most from using the most appropriate treatment for the appropriate scar type. Some scars only require laser/energy device resurfacing, others only need subcision etc. Run of the mill and mass market treatments will give average results at best, and we frequently see patients who have been through multiple treatment sessions from such mass market treatments that yield no results at all! Remember that many treatment centres will tell you that scars can only be reduced and not removed. This is normally due to limits in treatment equipment, knowledge and technical skills.

Sometimes, a combination of treatments is necessary. These combinations and the timings between the various combinations are a carefully developed clinical science which is precisely tailored for each individual.

Acne scar treatments are best kicked start with a proper consultation and discussion with an experienced doctor.

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