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Our ethos

Customised treatments powered by science & the arts

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is named after Veritas, the goddess of truth in Roman mythology. This reflects our operating philosophy and approach towards aesthetic treatment: honesty, efficacy, and science-backed treatments.

Instead of glamour and luxury, we focus on delivering safe and effective treatments for our patients, recommending only what they need. Our commitment to deliver effective treatment based on hard science and artistic sensibility to ideals of beauty guides us to improve the aesthetics of each individual in a natural, holistic manner.

To that end, we develop our own proprietary protocols and only perform carefully selected treatments that can deliver real, visible results to you.

Our Doctors

Dr. Chua Cheng Yu

Dr. Chua Cheng Yu is an aesthetic doctor who’s extremely passionate about making patients look good. Driven by a passion for finding the best combination treatments for patients, Dr Chua tirelessly conducts his own treatment research and developed protocols for several procedures, including a comprehensive 18 medical-grade laser setup that is unique in Singapore.

After obtaining a MBBS (National University of Singapore) and post-graduate surgical qualification from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), Dr. Chua participated in a wide range of clinical vocations before going fully into aesthetics.

Outside of his life as a practising doctor, Cheng Yu deeply enjoys music and regularly plays the piano, guitar, and saxophone.

Credentials & Accolades

  • 10+ years of medical experience
  • 10,000+ cases of aesthetic treatments
  • Known for his unique treatment protocols from years of experience
  • Speaker and Trainer at American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Regional Trainer for Ultraformer 3 HIFU, ProYellow Laser, Ellansé, AGNES RF & more
  • Official trainer for Fotona Lasers in Singapore

Dr. Lena Fan

Dr. Lena Fan obtained her medical degree from the University of Nottingham and worked in various clinical departments before going on to obtain a postgraduate diploma in family medicine.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Fan’s entry into aesthetic medicine stems from the wish to help her patients feel and look their best at each stage of their life.

She starts each doctor-patient relationship from having an open and honest communication with her patients, the bedrock to provide treatments which are built on sound science.

With an interest in assisting women to look their best across each stage of womanhood, from puberty to motherhood and perimenopause symptoms, Dr. Fan is an expert in holistic and specialised treatments that allows her to journey with her patients towards a youthful and revitalised look while preserving a natural appearance.

Credentials & Accolades

  • 10+ years of medical experience
  • 10,000+ cases of aesthetic treatments
  • Known for specialised treatments that cater towards feminine health
  • Trainer for non-invasive Vaginal Laxity & Urinary Incontinence treatments
  • KOL for fat loss and body sculpting treatments such as truSculpt flex and Redustim
  • Combined background in Aesthetic Medicine & Family Medicine

Our team

Our Knowledgeable & Friendly Team

Head Therapist


Our Head Therapist, Michelle has over a decade of experience in the Beauty and Aesthetics field. Being astute in aesthetics treatment, Michelle stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the aesthetics field and draws on her knowledge of trends and developments to deliver an unparalleled experience for her patients.



Ivy possesses strong hands-on skills, rooted in years of experience in the Aesthetics field. She is specially trained in body sculpting and finds fulfilment in tailoring treatment plans to help patients to achieve their ideal weight and body shape. Ivy strives to deliver best-in-class service for all her patients and ensures their comfort and wellbeing during and post treatments.



Jarene has extensive experience in the beauty and aesthetics field and is particularly passionate about skin rejuvenation and skin care products. She believes that beautiful skin is achievable by combining in-clinic treatments with home skincare regimens such as using well suited skin care products.


Jing Wen

Jingwen’s dedication to her work is evident in her approach to patient care. She takes the time to listen to her patients’ concerns and works closely with them to address their specific needs. Possessing a bubbly personality, she considers building rapport with patients and witnessing tangible improvements in their appearance the most rewarding aspect of her job.



A beauty enthusiast who regularly goes for skin rejuvenation and hair treatments herself, Rainie’s personal experience enables her to recommend and share treatment insights from a patient’s perspective with other patients. Aligned with Veritas’s values of Truth and Honesty, Rainie believes in being open and conveying realistic treatment outcomes with patients to help them in assessing the suitable course of treatments.

Customer Service


Shannon is our Customer Service Specialist with years of experience assisting patients in the healthcare industry. She understands that coming to a new clinic can be intimidating and strives to create a welcoming environment for all our patients. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs whom she considers her children!

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Veritas Medical Aesthetics is an aesthetics clinic in Singapore that uses a large collection of 18 different lasers for our skin, body and hair treatments.

Our founder, Dr. Chua Cheng Yu is currently the only Singaporean LAHA international expert lecturer, and has given talks to local and international doctors on various skin conditions, contributing actively on international clinical publications. Our team of doctors have lectured at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) as well as the National Surgical ATLS team.

Veritas Medical Aesthetics is frequently used as a local and international training centre for various laser, medical devices and also injectable filler/botox/threadlift procedures. Our team of doctors specialise in laser and skin treatments with full accreditation by the Singapore Medical Council. Our various post-graduate qualifications in MRCS (Membership of Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh) and GDFM (Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine) reflect the expertise of our doctors and our commitment to our patients’ safety and results. This medical expertise ensures the treatments offered in the clinic are firmly grounded on solid science.

Aesthetic medicine is more than a precise science, it is also an intricate art. As avid photographers and musicians, our doctors balance science with their artistic sensibility to pick up subtleties and bring out the best in each individual. We have been on many media features such as The Straits Times, Channel 8, HerWorld, Prestige, NuYou and etc, as well as contributing regularly to medical sites like DoctorxDentist and HealthAscent.

Veritas Medical Aesthetics was awarded the APAC Top 50 Clinics 2022 which recognises established clinics in the region.


13 Stamford Rd,
#B2-35 Capitol Singapore,
Singapore 178905


Mon to Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat: 11am - 6pm
PH: By appointment only.

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