Did you know that there are little habits that insidiously create a big impact on how your skin ages? Besides the usual and obvious reasons, some seemingly innocent behaviour can wreak havoc on your skin. If you are not sure whether you are making these mistakes, read and see if any of these sound familiar.

Not cleansing your skin thoroughly

Washing your skin may seem pretty simple. A wash-and-go routine is a practical solution, but is it really the best for your skin?

To get the most out of your daily cleansing routine, it takes a little more effort, care, and consideration. Proper facial cleaning is not just about how you wash your face, but when, how often, and what products you are using. It also means double cleansing, especially with all the dirt and impurities in the air. It is important to make sure that you rid your skin ofall thegunk it collects, mixed with the oil it produces during the day. Doing it right can help you prevent acne breakouts, improve skin health, and even reduce skin inflammation.  If you want to make sure that you get the most out of all that scrubbing, Marie Claire magazine shares valuable tips.

Using the wrong products for your skin type

What works for your bestfriend may not necessarily work for you. If you insist on the same “miracle” for you, then you could be setting your skin up for disaster. This is the reason why so many skin care companies create product lines for every skin type and concern.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, experts recommend you to use a foaming or salicylic acid-based cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. For dry skin, a cream cleanser that can help the top layer retain moisture would be more suitable. Meanwhile, if you have sensitive skin, you should stick to gentle, hydrating cleansers.

Exposing yourself to these skin care products on a daily basis can help improve your skin, only if you choose what is right. But, imagine what they might do if they were not suited for you?

Not washing your makeup brushes often

Makeup brushes harbour lots of nasty stuff if you leave them unwashed for long periods of time. If you don’t see to it that they are regularly cleansed, you expose your skin to dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria and other irritants. This habit can lead to acne breakouts and even eczema. Aside from exposing your skin to irritants, dirty brushes are also bad for your other makeup products. Using dirty brushes taints your makeup, and what you could have enjoyed for a year could end up spoiling within months.

Not going through a product’s ingredients

When you are paying good money for your skin care products, prudence dictates that you seek ingredients thatbenefit your skin the most. Research will also help you to identify the products that are best for your skin’s needs. For example, Hyaluronic acid is a good ingredient to look for in moisturizers because it helps rejuvenate your skin, making it look youthful and fuller. There is a wide range of ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, and natural oils that work to restore your skin’s natural radiance.

Applying your skin care products in the wrong order

You may have the best line of products in your arsenal, but they may not give you maximum results if you use them in the wrong order. A good rule of thumb would be to apply from the lightest to the heaviest. That way, you won’t have a heavier product preventing a lighter one from being absorbed. An example of this is using your toner before a serum,then following it with a moisturizer.

Scrubbing and lathering for too long

The length of time you lather doesn’t correlate to how well you cleanse your face. Overdoing it, especially when using an exfoliating wash, can irritate the skin. You want to aim for about 20-30 seconds; anything more than that will only do more harm than good. What is important is to prioritize the T-zone and U-zone (the area around the jaw line), because these are areas that most people tend to neglect. Experts suggest that after wetting your face with lukewarm water, use your fingertips to apply the cleanser in a circular motion. After you make a nice lather, rinse, and carefully pat your skin dry with a soft and clean towel.

Washing your face too often

Ideally, you should be washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night with the exception of excessive sweating or after workouts. Washing your face too often is not a real necessity, unless people are prone to skin infections. This habit could lead to dry and irritated skin, although paradoxically, it can also lead to the overproduction of oil on the skin. So, if you don’t have to wear makeup, work up a sweat, or use heavy sunscreen, a twice-a-day routine is enough to keep your skin clean.

Not using your toner right

Most are still unaware of what the real purpose of a toner is, while other enlightened folks know that it is part of askin care triumvirate. Back in the day, toners were used to remove excess oil on the skin and were alcohol-based. Today, toners run the gamut of those that remove makeup and those that add a thin layer of moisture on the skin. If you finally realize that toners are a necessary step in your regimen, take the time to get to know that product better and how it complements the others you are using. Start using it once a day to see how your skin reacts, and if you notice that it doesn’t dry your skin or cause any breakouts, you may increase the frequency of application to twice a day after cleansing.

Failure to moisturize after cleansing

The best time to moisturize is immediately after washing your face. Waiting a few minutes more will already leave you with surface cells that are dehydrated, which makes them less responsive to moisturizing.  Get the most out of your moisturizers and their key nurturing ingredients just by making sure that you remember the correct timing. Adding to that, look for a moisturizer that is formulated with SPF, or if your current favourite brand doesn’t come with one, apply a sunscreen on top. The SPF will protect all the hard work that you put into your skin care.

You don’t adopt a skin care regimen

If you think you found a regimen that suits your skin, be faithful to it. If you find yourself frustrated that you can’t seem to establish the right regimen for you, it is normal for you to go through some trial and error and that products take time to take effect, so be patient in waiting for results.  Along the way, you may also encounter some breakouts and irritation. However, you must also remember that constantly changing products can also be harmful to your skin, so you must use discretion, or better yet, ask for help from the experts.

If you think that your mistakes has caused some damage to your skin, or if your long neglect has resulted in some damage,  visit Dr. Chua Cheng Yu at Veritas Clinic, today. Known for his science-based techniques,he takes a safe and holistic approach to his practice of aesthetic medicine. Correct your skin care mistakes and book an appointment now.