Acne Clear 4 Month Programme

Teenage or adult acne can cause a lot of distress in the affected. We understand the need to eliminate these blemishes ASAP. Our medical treatments have clinical papers backing them up and confidently achieve near clearance of all acne within 4 months. This is applicable to ALL forms of acne, be it comedonal, pustular, nodular or even cystic.

Acne responds immediately to the correct treatments, while unsuitable treatments never show immediate results and take prolonged periods to show feeble results. With correct treatment, optimal results are seen definitely in 4 months. If left to scar, scar free treatments take a least 6 months to see optimal results. It makes sense that treating acne early should not take as long as 6 months to solve the problem!

If you find that your condition is not improving much with a series of treatments, it is likely to be the wrong approach! Contact us for further queries.

The programme is 4 months long and consists of:

Up to 6 sessions each of medical peels/carbon peels and laser facials (Starwalker Pico-like or VERDE/VERSA) or as required for resolution of comedonal and papular acne and fading of acne marks.

Up to 4 sessions of PERFECT™ resurfacing or as needed for resolution of inflammatory acne.

Steroid injections or permanent ablation of troublesome nodules whenever required.

Note: Medicines and skincare products are not included as part of the package, but are usually recommended (though not compulsory).


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